Blockchain Is Helping Cocktail Enthusiasts To Trace The Origin Of Their Drinks

One bartender is seeking to revolutionize the Food and Beverage industry by offering a Blockchain platform that can be used by clients to track the origin of their products and their inputs right from the farmer to the bar coolers.

A typical cocktail drink is what many people look forward to after a long day of arduous tasks. Many revelers are starting to wonder where the sugar muddled with bitters beneath the lustrous bourbon, the twist of orange peel, and even the blocks of ice that make the beautiful cocktail drink come from. These concerns are coming amid growing demand by consumers who are increasingly taking an active role of spearheading social and environmental justice in their personal capacity.

A Platform For Cocktail Bars Is Available

A London-based innovator known as Ryan Chetiyawardana has won the global bartending awards and the establishments that have embraced his technology are ranked as the best in the world on the perspective of sustainability.

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The first one is Dandelyan that has since won the World’s Best Bar for 2019. Secondly, there is the CUB restaurant that has won the sustainability award. Both of the enterprises are in London and they are setting the pace for the adoption of Blockchain technology in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Promoting Economic Accountability

According to Ryan, DLT is the ultimate solution to enforcing accountability in the long supply chain of the Food and Beverages Industry. This is because the system assumes that clients are accountable for their actions but other players may or may not be. For instance, he says that “there is no point of enjoying a refreshing glass of cocktail when the farmer is being exploited”.

Ryan stresses the fact, in his open letter, that there is the need for a solution that highlights good practices and also illustrates the need for all players in the supply chain to uphold ethical standards that sanitize the end product. This is where the need for the progressive Distributed Ledger Technology becomes fundamental.

Blockchain Is Being Differentiated From Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are highly controversial despite the immense benefits that they proffer. For instance, Digital Assets have pushed the boundaries of financial inclusivity by allowing the unbanked to participate send or receive Tokens of value.

Additionally, Cryptocurrencies are gradually breaking the tyranny of corporate controls in the financial sectors that have been blamed for the financial crisis of 2008/09. Therefore, they are decentralizing the financial industry by allowing peer-to-peer transactions.

Nonetheless, a significant majority of people are skeptical of Cryptos. However, the underpinning Blockchain technology is ideal for real-life use-cases that can overhaul inefficient areas such as the supply chain of the Food and Drug industry. Conclusively, innovators like Ryan are proving that DLT is much more than Cryptos.

The New Blockchain Platform Will Be All-Inclusive

The new Blockchain platform will track all inputs on the production of the ingredients that mixologists use to make cocktail drinks. The solution would also record farming practices- the type of seed used and fertilizers, distillery processes, time, etc.

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