Blockchain Hype Is Over, Time To Build Long-Term DLT Systems & More

Blockchain Hype Is Over, Time To Build Long-Term DLT Systems

Market researchers have found out that Blockchain technology is hyped, hence, most industry players consider it overrated. Hence, Nitin Seth, Forbes Contributor, and CEO of California based a consulting, analytics and technology solutions firm, Incedo, is calling for a change of strategy. He is urging software engineers to be long term oriented to build long-life platforms that can change the perceptions regarding the nascent and revolutionary technology. Seth, further assures Blockchain enthusiasts that adoption has never slowed down. The uptake of DLT is meteoric due to factors such as new data laws, corporate trust requirements, and demand for transparency.

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Blockchain Is Refining The Travel Industry

The conventional set up of the travel industry are disintegrated. This is because different players are offering different complementary services for a single travel session. For this reason, Blockchain developers are contemplating integrating Blockchain technology to the industry to replace the third parties. This model will enable travelers to directly engage in a peer-to-peer basis with the relevant service providers all under one ecosystem. Some of the use-cases that have operationalized Digital and decentralized services include bookings, loyalty schemes, identity services, and luggage tracking.

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Demand For BTC/USD Is Bullish Following The China-USA Trade War

Tough-talking President Trump has been at the forefront of exacerbating the decades-old China/USA disputes on trade fairness. In the weekend the trade dispute spat was intensified by Steven Mnuchin’s, the Treasury Secretary, calling out on China which sent Asian stocks on a bear-run. Consequently, BTC trading chats on eToro registered higher volumes due to increasing investor appetite enabling BTC to spike to a Monday intraday peak of $10, 650 before a quick pullback. In the meantime, the two giants are yet to reach a middle ground and Bitcoin is likely to become a safe investment option.

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