Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit is a conference that will take place in Turkey on February 20, 2019. The meeting also called the largest international blockchain economy conference in the region will discuss various issues related to Cryptocurrency.

The Conference Will Cover:

• Future payments with virtual currencies: The speakers will discuss the current banking solutions and try to establish why they fail.

• Panel discussion: Here, speakers will discuss Cryptocurrency regulation and try to explain how different states will handle the technology.

• People vs. power: The focus will be how blockchain technology is supporting decentralization and how people are now shifting away from centralization.

• Main Cryptocurrencies: The virtual currencies have been around for some time but most of them are unstable changing prices quickly. The speakers will discuss the ‘next steps’ the investors will take.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Why Turkey?

Some people may not understand why Turkey will host this event and will go to the extent of questioning its capacity to do so. ING, a Netherland-based banking agent recently published a report that said that the Turkish are the main Cryptocurrency owners in Europe. The report showed that Turkey has embraced technological innovations.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit will give people from the Middle East and Central Asian countries an opportunity to interact with the greatest minds in the sector. Investors and engineers in Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology stand benefit the most from this conference.

The conference is expected to attract over 5,000 attendees from 20 countries according to the organizers. Over 10,000 people are expected to live stream the summit while over 200 media houses will attend. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world will benefit from this conference.

Main Speakers During the Summit

Given the importance of the conference in discussing important issues in Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the organizers have mobilized various authoritative speakers in the sector. Most have been in the industry for some years in different capacities such as advisors and entrepreneurs among others.

Some Of The Main Speakers Will Include:

• Cal Evans

Evans has worked with various governments in blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects. He has worked and assisted the Bank of England and Estonia, Dubai, and Malta governments. He is a board member of the British Blockchain Association.

• Muhammad Salman Anjum

Anjum is a tech futuristic and a prominent blockchain investment advisor. He is also the founder and CEO of Feelogical Solutions LLC.

• Malikkhan Kotadia

Kotadia is a senior global Digital banker. He is also a Fintech and blockchain evangelist.

• Ishwinder Jeet Singh, CFA

Singh is the vice president of Dubai-based investment management firm called The National Investor.

Those wishing to become speakers during this monumental conference are free to apply on the website. They only need to provide their names, contact information, the companies they work at, and write a short message.

The organizers of this event are still looking for sponsors. Given that the conference will bring together people interested in the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, businesses will have a good opportunity to promote their products and services. Those who will sponsor this meeting will get a chance to demonstrate their products and ideas to their potential customers and investors.

Those wishing to get in touch with the event organizers are free to do so by going directly through the website.