Bittrex Exchange

Bittrex is one among the globe’s fastest growing digital coin exchanges. The exchange began its operations in 2014 and has grown to capture the world market.


Key Information about Bittrex

This Cryptocurrency is one of the best because it grants the users various pairs in Ethereum, Bitcoin, as well as the USDT {US Dollar Tether}. It is also important to remember that Bittrex Exchange does not offer fiat-trading pairs.

These are pairs that include GBP, EUR, USD, and a host of others. However, they enable consumers to purchase Ethereum, Bitcoin or US Dollar Tether through bank wire transfer. For a customer to be allowed to use this wire purchase choice, they must be in possession of an upgraded and verified account and also buy an amount that is above $10,000.

The List of Trading Pairs and Cryptocurrencies

Bittrex is the only bet for any trader who is looking forward to trading a broad array of less known virtual currencies. At the moment, Bittrex offers more than 250 trading pairs up against its major market competitor, Poloniex that provides less than 100 trading pairs. When it comes to adding new digital coins to the exchange, Bittrex has been so active than most exchanges.

The Process of Purchasing Bittrex

The main aim of this US-based exchange is to allow users to trade cryptos for other cryptos. For any trader who is planning to purchase these digital coins for fiat currencies such as EUR or USD, Bittrex has a special process that users will have to follow.

But first, they would have to own enhanced account verification as well as a purchase that is not lower than $10,000. Traders can use other platforms to purchase their first Cryptocurrencies then later trade them on Bittrex.

Using Bittrex to Trade Cryptocurrency

The first step in this process is to access and then click on “LOGIN”. There is also a “sign up” link for those who do not own an account with the exchange. Signing up would be the next step, and here what will be needed are the user’s email address and the password. The third step would be to deposit the Cryptocurrency.

For those who would be logging in for the first time, a list of all the Bittrex’s markets will appear. The user would be required to move to the “Wallets” section to be able to deposit their favorite Cryptocurrency. Once the deposit has been verified by the Blockchain, the user will get it back for trade.

They would then go ahead to look for the trading pair that they want to trade with. After that, they would then place their orders and much information would be found on the trading pair page.

Once all that is done, the customer would be now ready to make a withdrawal. Trading Fees for Bittrex The commission fees for all the trades on Bittrex is 0.25%.

Time Launches

Make Bittrex Your Exchange Platform Of Choice

With more than 250 trading pairs, Bittrex is one of the best Cryptocurrency trading platforms. Compared to some of the major market rivals, this exchange platform has a better customer support and account verification process is fast.