Bitsa Crypto Card Is Allowing Europeans To Shop With Cryptos

Debit cards are ideal for allowing holders to shop conveniently for goods and services in online shops or brick and mortar stores.

Although Debit cards have previously been associated and linked to financial companies such as credit firms and banks, Cryptocurrency payment platforms are delving into the financial market and Bitnovo, a Spain-based fintech company, is setting the bar high.

Bitnovo has released Bitsa which is a next-generation Crypto Debit Card that is set to revolutionize the Crypto economy.

A Visa Prepaid Card With Crypto Support

The Bitsa Card from Bitnovo is a Visa prepaid card that is versatile to suit the needs of the current payment preferences that are both traditional-based and to a smaller but growing extent, Crypto powered.

Hence, the Bitsa is set to cater to the surging demand from Cryptocurrency users. On the other hand, the card is also best-timed for businesses as it can enable them to accept Crypto payments that are hassle-free, valuable, and safe.

The Single European Payment Area Is Covered

Bitnovo’s Bitsa payment is covering a number of European markets. The card has multi-currency support as it can facilitate payment methods that use Cryptos such as BCH, XRP, DASH, XLM, BTC, LTC, and ZEC. Additionally, it can also allow other traditional payment methods that are still widely popular around the world since the card can be used at points of sale that allow Visa.

Most importantly, all Crypto enthusiasts should note that the Bitsa card can only be used within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) as the financial institutions in this jurisdiction are connected.

Bitsa Card

The Card Is Secure

Since online security is a major concern in Europe and the rest of the world, the Bitsa card runs on the ‘Verified by Visa system’ that is similar to the proof of work protocol in Blockchain technology. Hence, users are assured that they can withdraw cash at Visa ATMs or swipe and pay with Cryptos without being exposed to cyber-attacks.

Further, the security infrastructure on Bitsa protects the transfer of money from bank accounts to the Bitsa app that the visa card portfolio is managed. The same security also applies to Crypto holders who will need to debit their accounts with any of the 7 Cryptocurrencies.

How To Acquire The Bitsa Card

The Bitnovo card is easy to acquire as one does not need to have a bank account to own one since it specifically targets the unbanked. There are two options to select.

The first Bitsa card version is the physical contactless Bitsa also known as the virtual card. This is an online card that is free and can be acquired by shoppers after providing a phone number, an email address, and a personal password.

The other plastic card costs €19.95 but does not charge fees for Crypto topping up or card maintenance. Further, the purchases are limited only to the balance on the card while ATM withdrawals are capped at 1,500 EUR. However, card use outside the Eurozone has a fee of 1.5%.

Orders can be made on that also sells vouchers that can be loaded on the card alongside Cryptos and Fiat currencies from bank transfers.

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