BitMEX Joins Forces With COVID-19 Support

With the number of people affected by the current pandemic, BitMEX has announced how they are helping those in need. As of today, the total amount of COVID-19 cases in the world stands at 2,594,829 people spanning almost every country. The fact that it is new and not much is known for treatment is keeping it at the forefront currently.

Who Is BitMEX?

The BitMEX company is an online P2P cryptocurrency exchange network platform. Including a website and mobile apps for users, they strive to be ahead in the market for portability. Owned and operated by HDR Global Trading Ltd; the Republic of Seychelles incorporated. Founded in 2014, they have made a name for themselves worldwide, providing exchange services as well as an affiliate program.

Focusing on enhanced built-in security measures, BitMEX prides itself on privacy and safety for users. Running a specific one-of-a-kind digital wallet security that requires multi-signature for deposit and withdrawals, they ensure users have protected data. This enhanced security is throughout its entire platform and storage systems.


How BitMEX Is Helping

Several charities have come forward lately showing how everyone bands together to give the support needed to those affected. BitMEX has recently announced how they will be aiding those who have been impacted by the Coronavirus around the world. Pledging to donate $2.5 million to 4 major charitable organizations, they are striving to help make a difference.

The 4 charities they have distributed their funds through are:
• Gates Philanthropy Partners
• Nuclear Threat Initiative
• OpenMined
• Our World in Data

The grants range in total between $300,000 and $1,000,000 aiding efforts by focusing on vaccines, diagnosis, and protecting the vulnerable. BitMEX believes this increase in funding will boost the worldwide pandemic response and give more direction for future outbreak plans.

Who Are The 4 Charities Receiving Grants?

The 4 charitable organizations that BitMEX is aiding are known to be important facets of the world today.

Gates Philanthropy Partners: Included with this organization is The Combating COVID-19 Fund and The Therapeutics Accelerator Fund. Diversifying across research and development for treatment and prevention, hoping to aid those affected and keep others from future infection.

Nuclear Threat Initiative: They recently developed COVID-19 Frontline Guide for Local Decision-Makers in a request from local governments for their community’s protection. It highlights 7 key actions required for the emergency response, healthcare, public health, and health security fields. Their Global Health Security Index helps pinpoint countries vulnerable to global pandemics.

OpenMined: They create freely available open-source software that boasts security for its users. Currently have a free online community for education surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and security support for developers of COVID-19 apps.

Our World In Data: They emphasize on continuous research and data of world problems that affect citizens everywhere. Currently focused on many attributes of the COVID-19 pandemic they provide correct up-to-date information.

BitMEX has aimed to distribute funds to the most effective groups that can give support around the world today. With the help of many large organization’s including BitMEX, communities can better support their citizens during this global pandemic.