Bithumb Global Finally Announces Launch of the Global Exchange Platform

Finally, Bithumb global has announced the official launch of its global exchange platform. Many experts have been waiting for the official launch with rumours that it will be more reliable and secure than the conventional exchange platforms.

Here is some background information about fintech company. It is based in South Korea and has since its inception taken over the industry by providing numerous trading options.

Global Bithumb Exchange Platform

The global Bithumb exchange will be available in fifteen countries including Japan, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This means that cryptocurrency traders who have been disappointed in other platform can shift to this new platform and get value for money.

Notably, Bithumb Global currently oversees Bithumb DEX, a decentralised cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform also has an over-the counter OTC desk that will be operating the service. Users who are conversant with the platform will easily trade perpetual futures contracts can test money by using the Open Beta version.

Bithumb Global exchange

When making the announcement, Bithumb management team has insisted that the platform is designed to lower the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. In addition, it will focus on helping clients get trading experiences as well as awareness of the futures platform and the numerous opportunities that it offers.

Another important aspect that gives Bithumb Global an upper hand is the exchange comes with leverage level of more 1:100. In another recent interview, one of the company representatives revealed that indeed the company would be expanding its market base to Japan, Jong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, and other ten countries.

The services that the platform will offer include incubation of blockchain based projects, cryptocurrency exchanges, security token offerings. The long-term goal is to convert the platform into a new generation tech driven tech fin that whose functions will be similar to those of the conventional financial service institutions. As an incentive to use the platform, Bithumb Global is running a promotional campaign that rewards customers who take the initiative to complete the KYC processes with BUSD worth $90.

Closing Remarks

Bithumb Global exchange platform will be a game changer. More people will be able to trade cryptocurrencies and security tokens more conveniently and secure. The company seems committed to changing the cryptocurrency trading processes. However, they need to come up with robust security measures to prevent hackers from penetrating the system.

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