Bitfury Founds Investment Fund for Bitcoin Mining

The blockchain technology company Bitfury has partnered with a Swiss investment company to co-found an investment fund. The Bitfury group has announced this on their Twitter account today.

License for the EU already acquired

Final Frontier, the Swiss partner of Bitfuy, already received an official license to conduct its business in Liechtenstein. Therefore, the financial regulator is responsible to supervise the business of the two companies. However, the license allows the two companies to operate their fund for clients from all over the EU.

The two companies have outlined the goal to give institutional investors access to the mining industry.

Strategic Investment

An advantage of the partnership is that Bitfury will provide the hardware for the mining activities for the companies that the fund will finance. Consequentially, this partnership could reduce the minings costs enormously.

The move of the partnership in the market is highly anti-cyclical and therefore interesting. Many regions in China and the USA have raised their energy prices for miners. China is also considering to outlaw mining activities in the country completely. However, many market participants have left the mining industry already. Not only the Bitcoin price but also the costs for mining hardware went down significantly.

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