The New Crypto Exchange App In Brazil

If you are in Brazil, perhaps you may be looking for a trustworthy Crypto exchange. Given that English is not common in the country, it could be a daunting task to locate a reliable exchange. BitcoinTrade.Com.Br has emerged to address this challenge and is helping people to buy Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The exchange provides high liquidity making it easy for users to complete their transactions fast. Let’s have a look at this exchange.

Rio de Janeiro-based crypto exchange

About Bitcointrade And Why It Is Important

BitcoinTrade.Com is a Rio de Janeiro-based crypto exchange available only to Brazilians. The firm is fully audited and complaisant with the country’s laws. The country lacks many such platforms as English is not commonly used there. The company has been created with the aim of providing high-quality product for Crypto investors in the South American country in their language.

BitcoinTradeBitcoinTrade was established by a group of four people with experience in different areas. Carlos André Montenegro is the company’s CEO and is a prominent digital entrepreneur. Daniel Cosquieri has a specialty in the tech sector and is now the COO of the company. Fabio Santos has spent over two decades in the tech and security sector and is the CSO. Jorn Filho is the firm’s CTO and a successful digital entrepreneur.

How The New Exchange Works

BitcoinTrade.Com. BR uses the standard technology. To enhance the safety of its users, the exchange has a higher security level. The new exchange allows the users to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies just like with the other exchanges.

The users have access to charts that show live deals, the movement of Crypto prices, and certificates. The company is unlike the decentralized exchanges in that it does the brokerage services. Furthermore, you don’t trade the Cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet as the firm stores the Crypto for you.

How To Use The Exchange

Registration is a prerequisite for one to use the platform. You only need to provide your email, a Brazilian CPF (if you are a person) or CNPJ (if you are a company), date of birth, and a password that you will always need to access your account. To access to all the account features of the app, one will have to go through an ID verification process.

Once your account has been verified, you can buy Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin using BRL, the country’s fiat currency. Moreover, you can exchange these Cryptos among each other. The platform also allows the users to withdraw their money whenever they want. You can use BitcoinTrade.Com. BR on any phone as it works with both Android and iOS.

BitcoinTrade.Com. BR provides a good option to the Brazilian investors wishing to join the Crypto market. The exchange is fully PCI DSS compliant (level 2) giving the users a sense of security while trading on the platform. The use of a language common among the native Brazilians is vital and will help in making the exchange and the Cryptocurrencies even more popular in the country. Although the exchange is simple and does not come with advanced options, it is a good one for those wishing to learn more about Crypto trading.

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