Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets & More

Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By 2021 – Wall Street Vets

Since February 2019, Bitcoin’s first positive month in a long time, Bitcoin has gained more than twice of its last quarter of 2018 value. However, the last several days has seen Bitcoin price experiencing a few corrections here and there. But this hasn’t broken investor’s spirit at all. Analysts are predicting that in two year’s time, Bitcoin may breach the $100,000 mark. In fact, these kinds of predictions have been around long before the leading digital coin reached $20,000.

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The Cryptocurrency Market Cap Is Now Trending Higher

The cryptocurrency market capitalization is currently trading with a bullish angle. Bitcoin and other leading digital coins are also expected to climb further soon. Currently, the total cryptocurrency market is gathering a momentum that is above the $260.0 billion and $265.0 billion major resistance level.

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Bitcoin Bulls Edge Out Bears, Breakout In The Offing

On the morning of 20th August 2019, Bitcoin’s price climbed back to over $10,000 and in the process somehow bashed previous talks of an impending bear marking. Bitcoin’s price correction happened at a time when almost the entire market has shown an unexpected price surge. It even defied earlier calls that market traders had raised for more downside.

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