Bitcoin Surges Above $5000 Temporarily – Altcoins Follow

Bitcoin and many Altcoins had a strong performance this morning. The price went up by almost $900 in less than two hours. For a while, one Bitcoin traded for more than $5000 on some exchanges. However, in the following hours, that price declined again and currently Bitcoin trades for $4850 globally. In Europe a Bitcoin currently trades for about €4670.

Altcoins Follow Bitcoin

Also, other cryptocurrencies have performed well in this – so far – little bull run.Of the Top 40 cryptocurrencies BTC is leading in gains by percentage with 15.3%. Cardano follows with 13.23%. Dogecoin (12.91% )Monero (12.88%), NEO (12.14%). Other strong performes have been Litecoin (11.36%) and Tron (11.10%)

A Look at Market Capitalization and Bitcoin Dominance

The overall market capitalization rose to approximate $160 billion. A surge by $15 billion in less than 24 hours.
The market dominance of Bitcoin grew strongly compared to yesterday. The dominance of Bitcoin fell continuosly and almost reached 50% yesterday. However, today the dominance of Bitcoin is well above that with about 51.7%.

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