Bitcoin returns to USD 55K, while Ethereum and other altcoins gain traction

Bitcoin’s value has been steadily rising just above the 53,000 USD mark. 

BTC also smashed the USD 54,500 mark and jumped above the USD 55K level.   

It is presently consolidating (12:30 PM UTC), and it may achieve further up gain towards 56,500 USD.

Likewise, the majority of top altcoins are gaining strength. 

Ethereum price has gone up above 2,550 USD, and it may shortly reach USD 2,600.  

The price of XRP/USD is also increasing, and it has now crossed the USD 1.400 level of resistance.


Price of Bitcoin 

Bitcoin’s price has gone up significantly over the level of 53,000 USD. 

BTC climbed above the 53,500 USD and 54,000 USD resistance thresholds. It had surpassed USD 55,000 also before reversing the course. If the market reaches above the 55K USD level, it can climb towards the 56,500 USD level of resistance. The price could reach the 54K USD level if there were a downgrade reversal. 

The critical support is currently developing around 53,500USD.

Price of Ethereum 

The price of Ethereum increases rapidly and is currently over 2,500 USD. 

The 2,550 USD Barrier was broken by ETH, which opened the gateway to the levels of USD 2,600 and 2,620 USD. At USD 2,650, the following primary Target could be at a value of 2700 USD.

On the downturn,2,540 USD level can be a temporary support band. The main support level is now emerging around USD 2,500.


Price of BNB, ADA, DOGE, and XRP

Binance Coin (BNB) began a new uptrend and had been capable of breaking through the primary resistance zone of 550 USD.  

BNB Price is currently above the level of 565 USD and is predicted to rise further above the 580 USD level.   

Any further rise could set the tone for a near-term test of the 600 USD point.

Cardano (ADA) is located over 7% at 1.30 USD, and the standard of resistance has been broken. 

ADA currently is priced at more than 1.32 USD, and the price seems to be increasing to 1.35 USD and 1.365 USD.  

The bulls could stay close to 1.30 USD on the downwards.


Dogecoin (DOGE) is regaining ground and approaching the 0.280 USD resistance mark. 

The biggest stumbling block is still around 0.30 USD. A competitive closing over 0.30 USD could pave the way for a steep rise to 0.38 USD and 0.40.

Ripple (XRP ) pricing of is rising over the resistance threshold of 1.40 USD. 

The bull is actively over 1.42 USD, and It seems that the 1.50 USD amount could be tested.  

On the opposite, a good subsidy of 1.35 USD is expected.


Other altcoins market today

Many altcoins, including Waves, HOT, DENT, IOST, FTM, CHZ, SC, WRX, STX VGX, MIOTA, NANO, HNT, ICX, ENJ, VET, ZIL, and TRX ZIL ascended by more than 10%. 

WAVES stays high to the level of USD 20.

In sum, the price of Bitcoin is optimistic over the level of 54,500 USD. 

It appears that BTC will move towards 56,500 USD.