Bitcoin Rejects From $8k Resistance, Bitconnect 2.0? Bullshit!, Sending Bitcoin Via Whatsapp

Bitcoin Rejects From $8000 Resistance – Will Bears Take Over?

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has recovered from the recent dip and traded above $8000 again. We warned in our last technical analysis that the euphoria about the recent price action can be deceiving. The second rejection from the $8k resistance is a warning signal that bears could regain control soon. Watch out for our next technical analysis.

Bitconnect 2.0? Bullshit!

Bitconnect has announced that it will be back on the 1st of June. The website has installed a countdown yesterday. Furthermore, a Twitter account @bitconnect2_0 has emerged that announced the following:

A lot of media jumped on this. But the intention behind this proposal is to generate commissions from the referral link included in the tweet. Free advertisement from all the outlets that do not see through this.

Lite.Im Bot Now Available For Whatsapp

Users can from now on send Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum over Whatsapp. The Lite.Im Bot, a service by Zulu Republic, facilitates this. It is not the first try to offer such a service on Whatsapp. In fact, Wuabit launched a similar service already in March. Still, Zulu Republic’s Bot has achieved much more attention by the media. The Lite.Im bot had previously been available for Facebook, Telegram and SMS. Zulu Republic is situated in Zug, Switzerland’s ‘crypto valley’.