Bitcoin Network Now More Powerful Than Ever Before & More

Bitcoin Network Now More Powerful Than Ever Before

The leading digital currency by market cap now enjoys more computing power behind its main security after it surpassed another milestone when the hash rate hit an all-time high. This new record was achieved despite a pause in the profits of the Bitcoin price experienced about two weeks ago when it fell off recent highs of $13,800.

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Native Tokens Owned By Crypto Exchanges Could Surpass Bitcoin

The crypto exchanges have a tendency of staking on their tokens which in turn increases their benefits for their investors particularly the organization heads. The trading platforms that can be able to offer liquidity to assets of that kind increases their chances of having power and influence over the cryptocurrency service industry.

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Bitcoin Scams In Africa And How To Avoid Them

Scammers have found the opportunity to defraud people in the recent crypto boom and Africa has fast become their greatest target. Scammers mostly from the United States and Europe have been targeting uneducated Africans by offering them lucrative investment opportunities with the promise of outstanding results within a short period of time. As a result, more Africans are losing faith in the digital currencies thus contributing to the low adoption rates experienced in the continent. Read more to learn about the scams and how to best avoid them.