Bitcoin Making Headlines In The Crypto Space, Again

Bitcoin has climbed 11% in a green day. By 23:00 GMT, Bitcoin was trading at $7,387.7. This is after it gained 10.83% just on that day’s trading. This is one of the best improvements that the coin has ever had. It is the largest one-day percentage increase since 2018 December.

Pushing The Market Cap Further

The move, as expected, pushed the coin’s market capitalization. The market cap moved up to $131.1 billion. This represents 66.73% of the entire crypto space. It is a good move, but not near the highest the coin has ever had. At the highest, the coin’s market cap has ever hit $241.2 billion. The past 24 hours have been the most dramatic ones for the coin. It had earlier traded in a range of $6,462.2 to $7,387. Things seem to be moving quite well.

Bitcoin In The Past Seven Days

Stagnation in value has lately been the order of the day for this coin. This has been seen over the past seven days. It only managed to attain 0.31%. The other figure that has featured is $30.9 billion. This is the volume of the coin that has been traded in the past twenty-four hours. It represents 30.35% of the entire volume of all the coins.

In the past seven days, the coin has traded in the following ranges. $6,462.2485 to the range of $7,387.6567. Bitcoin attained its all-time high price on the 17th of December 2017. On this particular day, the coin hit $19,870.62. At the current price, the crypto asset is down by 62.82%.

Elsewhere In Crypto Space

There are also a bunch of other coins that have recorded improvements on the charts. One of them is Ethereum. Earlier on, this second-largest crypto traded at $133.71. Before closing the day, it had gone up by 9.36%. The other coin that has also recorded gains is Ripple’s XRP. It was earlier trading at $0.19806.

The coin managed to get a gain of 8.42% before the close of business. And now, back to Ethereum. The market cap of this coin was last recorded at $14.4 billion. This represents 7.34% of the whole crypto market cap. At the same time, XRP’s market cap totaled $8.5 billion. The figure represents 4.34% of the whole crypto market.


Crypto Is Still Useful

With all these improvements seen, it is apparent that crypto is valuable to the economy. This is according to Josh Miller. He is known for a number of ventures in the crypto space. He has been advocating for this leading coin since the year 2012. He says that cryptocurrency has some great value to the world economy. They can also help the entire community.