Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Comes To An End

The earlier planned hard fork for BCH has been successfully completed. In the process, BitMEX Research noted the first block considered to be invalid. This was contained on a tweet on the 15th November 2019.

About The Invalid Block

The block was detected by Fork Monitor at the height of 609,136. It was then considered by the Bitcoin ABC 0.19.0 client to be invalid. The said block was reportedly mined at 13:44 UTC by the It contained a total of 651 transactions and had a block size of 0.2MB. It has been reported that the older versions of BTC ABC will now either follow another chain or remain stuck for sometime.

Difficulty Issues Yet To Be Addressed

There were relatively simple changes of consensus that were affected by the latest Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The changes were, however, not expected to split the coin in any way. Previously, there were complaints concerning the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm. Many thought that the contentious difficulty pattern was going to be addressed. However, it appears that there will be more worrying in the whole community of Bitcoin Cash as the changes were not effected.

The changes were expected to fix the difficulty of every Bitcoin Cash block. It is usually based on the moving window of the previous 144 blocks, or an estimation of 24 hours worth. There have also been some concerns that a group of miners are actually gaming the algorithm for some benefits. This might lead to volatile difficulty and curious hash-rate fluctuations.

BCH Story So Far

Despite the short span that it has been in the market, Bitcoin Cash has quite had a history. It split from the main Bitcoin on the 1st of August 2017. It was reported that the split was as a result of a row on how to fix the mining difficulty. They also differed on the best scale as well as other fundamental ideas. The two virtual coins apply the proof-of-work to sign new transaction blocks. They also work with a block appearance time that is as low as ten minutes, or close to 144 blocks in a single day.


The Economic Problems In The Market

The discrepancies seen in the market right now could be an effect of the next BCH halving expected in 2020. According to one contributor, those who have hashing powers are expected to be diversifying at the moment. They are probably directing their main machines from BTC to Bitcoin Cash as they wait for the next halving.

But halving only explains why the next hashrate is not malicious, but just natural. There are some miners who have used different text on transaction. This led to the inflation of the hashrate amount attributed to various unknown entities.

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