Bitcoin Bonanza – Is it a Scam or Safe to Use?

The continuous expansion of the online trading industry has ushered in various innovations over the years. Brokers and independent developers continue to roll out programs and applications that make the trading process easier both for new and advanced traders. One of the best developments seen in recent years is trading software. Trading software in the financial markets is created to ease the trading process by handling some or most of the trading activities for the traders. Traders are pushing for more control and less screen time when trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and other financial assets. As such, trading software has been made available to them. The trading software handles various activities such as market analysis, signal generation, and order execution. This is to ensure that the investor or trader makes as much profit as possible when using quality trading software.

Automated trading programs are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the complex nature of the crypto market, most traders find it hard to trade these digital assets. The crypto market is also active 24/7, which means that it is impossible for a trader to take advantage of trading opportunities day and night. This is where automated trading programs have become useful. Auto trading software, like the Bitcoin Bonanza, is programmed to handle market analysis for the trader, to generate trading signals once profitable trading opportunities are found, and to execute the trades with little to no human intervention. The software operates 24/7, which means that the traders can take advantage of any lucrative opportunities, even while they are away from their devices. The automated trading mode of the software also makes it easy even for newbie investors and traders, with no prior experience, to make money from cryptocurrency trading.

Is Bitcoin Bonanza Safe?

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Bitcoin Bonanza has become a popular automated trading software because of the various features it offers to investors. The security of funds and private data are some of the crucial benefits of using the Bitcoin Bonanza system. Here are the reasons why this software is safe.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Software award

Bitcoin Bonanza has won the award of the best-automated trading software in the cryptocurrency sector issued by the U.S Trading Association. The recognition from such an esteemed body of traders and financial services providers shows that Bitcoin Bonanza is a safe and legit auto-trading cryptocurrency trading software.

Website Security

Bitcoin Bonanza deploys some of the latest security measures to ensure that the funds and personal information of the users are kept safe. The SSL certificates on the website and other protocols make it impossible for hackers to access your Bitcoin Bonanza account. In this way, you are ensured that you are the only who has access to your Bitcoin Bonanza account and all the money and other valuable information available there.

Numerous Reviews and Testimonials

The success rate posted by the Bitcoin Bonanza makes it hard to believe for some people. However, the numerous reviews available online about the software and the countless user testimonials show that the results are real. The Bitcoin Bonanza software makes use of artificial intelligence systems and fintech technology to accurately predict market movement, making it easy for traders to make profitable trades and earn passive income in the process.

The strong security protocols implemented on the Bitcoin Bonanza software, the numerous online reviews and user testimonials and the award received from the U.S Trading Association all show that this automated trading software is legit and safe to use.

What Features Does Bitcoin Bonanza Offer?

bitcoin bonanza features

As an investor, it is crucial that you understand the features of trading software before you start using it. In this way, you can know all that it offers and the benefits you stand to gain from using it. Bitcoin Bonanza offers various features, including:

Supports Auto and Manual Trading Modes

Although Bitcoin Bonanza is popular for its automated trading mode, it also has a manual trading option available for the more experienced traders. In the automated mode, the software handles all trading activities, while the manual mode allows the trader to make key trading decisions based on the generated trading signals. When using the automated mode, you will be able to set the trading parameters, such as the assets to trade, the amount to invest in each trade, the risk level, the stop loss and take profit limits and more. The then software uses that information to conduct market analysis, generate trading signals and execute trades on your behalf. With the manual mode, Bitcoin Bonanza handles market analysis and generates signals for you. However, you will decide whether to trade the signals or not. Although the automated trading option is the easier one for most, an investor can earn over $1,000 using any of the two modes as the software has an accuracy rate of 99.4%. Thus, anyone can earn massive profits using the Bitcoin Bonanza software to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Easy Withdrawals and Deposits

Bitcoin Bonanza has partnered with leading brokers in the industry which have implemented easy and safe withdrawal and deposit methods. The minimum trading amount of $250 can be deposited via various means, such as major credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and others, as well as bank transfer. Bitcoin Bonanza is committed to helping as many people as possible to become financially independent and as a result, they do not charge a dime for depositing or withdrawing funds. A trader also has access to 100% of the trading capital and profits made, when they wish to withdraw their earnings. These funds will be released after the trader completes the payment withdrawal request form with the broker, and it is approved. Bitcoin Bonanza sends 100% of the money, without charging any withdrawal fees or trading commissions.

Demo and Live Accounts

With Bitcoin Bonanza, you do not have to jump straight into the live trading mode. The trading software has a free demo account loaded with $1,500 of virtual funds for trading purposes. Thanks to the demo accounts, traders can test out their various trading strategies to see if they are valid or not. The demo accounts are also a great way to understand how the Bitcoin Bonanza trading platform works before you start trading with real funds. In this way, you will be able to protect your trading capital and understand how the software works before trading with your hard-earned cash. The demo accounts have all the features of the live trading accounts. After you master the demo accounts and understand your trading strategies, you can move to the live account where you will use real money to trade real assets and earn real profits. Thanks to the availability of the demo account feature, anyone can understand how the Bitcoin Bonanza software works before they step into the trading arena.

How Do I Register With Bitcoin Bonanza?

How Bitcoin Bonanza Work

Setting up an account with the Bitcoin Bonanza software is one of the easiest things to do. There are three simple steps to getting an account with the Bitcoin Bonanza and to start trading.

Sign Up and Open an Account

The first step to using the Bitcoin Bonanza platform is to open an account with them. To do that, simply visit the Bitcoin Bonanza official website and navigate to the homepage. On the homepage menu, you will see a short sign up form where you will be required to provide some basic personal details. The required details on the signup form include your full name, email address, country of residence, and phone number. Once that is done, the trader can proceed to set a strong password for their Bitcoin Bonanza account. The recommended password for the trading account should comprise of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and a special character. Then, submit the application and Bitcoin Bonanza will activate the account for you right away. After activating the Bitcoin Bonanza account, you can start using the software for free to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. Keep in mind that creating a Bitcoin Bonanza account is free for everyone.

Fund Your Trading Account

After creating your Bitcoin Bonanza account, you can start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the broker’s platform. Choose your preferred broker from the recommended list and activate your trading account with them. Go ahead to deposit the minimum requirement of $250 or more on your Bitcoin Bonanza trading account so you can access all the assets available. The $250 is your initial trading capital and it will grant you access to Bitcoin and various other assets available on the broker’s trading platform. Bitcoin Bonanza supports a wide range of payment methods, including bank transfer and major credit and debit cards. All deposits made on the platform are free of charge and they do not incur any fee from the broker also. In addition, the deposited funds are available for a trader to withdraw whenever they wish, without any hassle or delay. You can also withdraw the deposits and the profits with zero charges on the Bitcoin Bonanza platform.

Trade Assets and Earn Profits

Finally, you can start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after funding your broker trading account. If you are using the automated mode of the software, set the trading parameters, such as the investment amount per trade, assets to trade, risk level and other variables. The software starts carrying out market analysis, generating trading signals, and executing the trades on your behalf. This automatically generates profits for you, as the software has a 99.4% accuracy rate. For those using the manual mode, the software generates the trading signals once profitable trading opportunities are found, and you execute these by yourself. Regardless of the trading mode you use, Bitcoin Bonanza software ensures that you earn at least $1,000 per day. After earning any profits, you can withdraw the funds for free. Bitcoin Bonanza does not charge for anything you earn and withdraw on its platform.

Final Thoughts


Bitcoin Bonanza is one of the leading automated cryptocurrency trading software in the world. The various features of the Bitcoin Bonanza software make it an excellent choice for both new and experienced investors. With the Time Leap technology, the software stays ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds, allowing the software to know the directional price movement of an asset even before it occurs. The VPS technology also ensures that orders are executed in real-time, with no delays. As such, traders will not miss any profitable trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. These two features combine to make sure that every investor earns a minimum of $1,000 per day in pure profits.

When using the Bitcoin Bonanza software, all the trading processes are automated to ensure that even newbie traders can start using the software to trade cryptocurrencies and earn profits in the process. The software handles market analysis, signal generation, and order execution for the user. All you have to do is set the trading parameters, and the software starts working on your behalf. Even people using the manual trading mode get to enjoy the signals generated by the software. With the Bitcoin Bonanza, you do not have to pay any trading commission for profits earned, no deposit and withdrawal fees, and there are no other hidden charges. This means that all the money you earn while trading with the Bitcoin Bonanza is yours to keep.

The fact is every member of the Bitcoin Bonanza platform earns a minimum of $1,000 in profits per day. With these earnings, you can easily become financially independent and earn thousands of dollars in profits passively every month. At the moment, the Bitcoin Bonanza is one of the best-automated cryptocurrency trading software currently available to both newbie and experienced investors around the world.

Overall Rating 8/10



What is the minimum deposit in Bitcoin Bonanza?

The minimum deposit amount on the Bitcoin Bonanza platform is $250. This amount is reasonable and allows virtually anyone to sign up and trade cryptocurrencies with the Bitcoin Bonanza software.

What is the average profit I can make with Bitcoin Bonanza?

The average profits which investors of the Bitcoin Bonanza platform earn are $1,000. The automated trading features ensure that each trader earns $1,000 or more per day, depending on the trading parameters and the investment amounts used by the trader.

How do I start investing with Bitcoin Bonanza?

All you have to so is to go to the Bitcoin Bonanza website, register and start investing

Can I select brokers that are not listed on Bitcoin Bonanza?

No, you cannot. The Bitcoin Bonanza partners with the best and leading brokers in the cryptocurrency sector, and you can choose from any of the recommended brokers.

Is there a maximum of winnings in Bitcoin Bonanza?

No, there is no maximum amount you can earn as profits with the Bitcoin Bonanza. The amount you earn as profit depends on your trading capital and the strategies you deploy. Some Bitcoin Bonanza members earn as much as $4,000 per day in pure profits.

How to withdraw profits from Bitcoin Bonanza?

To withdraw your earnings on the Bitcoin Bonanza platform, login to your broker trading account and navigate to the payment section. Select WITHDRAW and insert the amount you wish to withdraw. Choose your preferred payment withdrawal method and complete the other required details. The broker will review the payment withdrawal request and approve it once everything is in order. The broker will then send you all the money you requested as they do not charge any fees or commissions for fund withdrawals. Based on this, you get to enjoy 100% of your earnings plus your trading capital. You can also withdraw your profits and leave the trading capital to continue working for you and generating more profits on your behalf. Overall, the withdrawal process is easy and free on the Bitcoin Bonanza System.