Bitcoin ATM Unveiled In Miami International Airport

Travelers from all parts of the country and to an extent the world are set to get benefit from the launch of the first Bitcoin ATM at the Miami International Airport.

This is after a renowned Bitcoin ATM provider, Bitstop, in liaison with the airport’s authority installed one of its machines in the facility. The terminus is a major transport hub in that part of the world as it is the gateway to Florida’s de facto heartbeat. This is according to an official press release published early in the week.

Buy Bitcoin For Cash

The most obvious benefit that the machine proffers is that it allows the growing Bitcoin community to easily buy Tokens. All that one needs to do is to deposit money in the Bitsop ATM and get a corresponding amount of Digital Tokens deposited to their Crypto wallets.

This market trading model is more convenient compared to buying BTC in conventional marketplaces such as Binance, Huobi, etc. This is because of several factors. Firstly, it is faster, secondly, it is more secure, and thirdly, transaction costs are relatively low.

The 130TH ATM

According to the press release, Bitstop will now have a total of 130 ATMs in the country. The machine that has been installed next to gate 16 in the busy concourse G.

The company believes that the installation is strategic as besides being the third-busiest airport in the United States, it’s a major point in Latin America and US Crypto economy as the gateway for the two regions.

In this perspective, Doug Carrillo, Bitstop chief strategy officer, and co-founder is saying that the company is laying an elaborate plan to target travelers. Carillo says that studies have shown that Bitcoin is becoming an integral part of the travel industry. This is because traversers are increasingly opting to convert cash to Crypto for security and convenience. This is because this option is much effective compared to converting currencies which involves forex bureaus or banks.

Further, Carillo believes that many people are preferring to transact in Crypto such as BTC when traveling domestically or abroad and hence Bitstop is exploiting the opportunity.

Overall, the Bitcoin ATM solutions provider aims to install up to 500 machines globally by the end of next year.

On an industry level, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs is 5,756 machines worldwide and the growth is gaining momentum.


Bitcoin (BTC) Performance

Amidst the launch, Bitcoin is still bearish as the price struggles to hold above $8,010 as per Coinmarketcap. In the last 24 hours, BTC has shed-off 3% and its dominance has slightly lost ground to stand at 66%. Other Altcoins are also in reds as prices retract following a bull run in the second quarter of 2019.