Bitcoin advertising networks in 2022 – How to get the most out of your advertising budget?

Along with the development of the blockchain industry, marketing in crypto starts to resemble quite an intricate affair with all the options it has to offer. This is why it is ever so important to know how to appoint your marketing budget and to set up your marketing campaigns on bitcoin ad networks so your budget doesn’t go to waste. 


Crypto advertising networks are in the business of delivering primary exposure to your blockchain or crypto business. Once you get approved by one of the top platforms like Bitmedia.IO, apart from the support provided by their account managers, it helps to have some preliminary knowledge on-board too and this is when you may find this article helpful as we outline the critical points of setting up your crypto marketing campaign right.


  • Know your audience

Being an incremental part of any blockchain marketing campaign, knowing your audience sets the tone for the traffic that bitcoin ad networks will channel to your online assets. An undeniable advantage that established ad platforms carry here, is that they at times know your prospective clients better than you do, taking into account the experience they have in the industry. Nevertheless, you too, should investigate who your target audiences are, so that your campaign is set right and you don’t waste marketing budget on pointless conversions that never deliver. 


  • Selecting the right bitcoin ad network

It is undeniable that the rise of the blockchain industry has given a monumental push to the marketing medium that surrounds it. Today, it is not hard to find a bitcoin ad network that can distribute your marketing assets. Selecting the right one though, is something that in many cases governs the success of your crypto marketing campaign. Therefore, it is advisable to go with an established service provider that is trusted by industry-leading companies. This way, you get flexible targeting and ad type options, knowledgeable support and adaptability to new trends that will dictate how your campaign changes over time and remains productive. 


  • Test the market

At the time of tailoring your campaign, it helps to start with a wide-angle approach in terms of geo, age, interests and other campaign targeting options. This will give you a good idea of where most useful conversions come from and allow you to re-configure your marketing shortly after, in favour of effectiveness. 


  • Don’t hesitate to cut down

Once you identify the ineffective regions and other campaign characteristics that do not work, cut down on them and do not wait for a miracle to happen and for the traffic to pick up. Gladly, good bitcoin ad networks allow continuous adaptability of your campaigns and to alter them as you progress.

Some bitcoin ad networks do this automatically and you just need to ask the support team to set this feature right. As a result, your budget gets channelled towards only profitable conversions and not a penny goes to waste. 


Adaptability has become one of the key success factors for marketing campaigns in recent years. The world has experienced a complete overhaul triggering changes in audience’ preferences. As a result, it is those companies that had access to flexible marketing campaigns that managed to fully benefit from the shift. 

Matvey Diadkov , CEO at Bitmedia 

Summarising bitcoin ad network marketing

Above steps are simple but at the same time serve as a foundation that in many ways decides the effectiveness of your crypto marketing campaign. By understanding your audience, selecting the right advertising platform, evaluating the market and being quick to adapt to new trends or more productive regions, allows every cent of your budget to be spent on traffic that will form your loyal community and clientele.