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Are you looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that is easy to use and will guide you on how to trades your digital assets? Bibox is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges and it is brought by part of the team behind HuoBi and OKCoin, which are two of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in China. However, most people would be skeptical about trying new crypto exchanges given that exchanges such as BitFinex, Binanace, CoinBase, and more are dominating the market.

But what makes Bibox worth a try? In this article, we have made a full Bibox review for you. Read on to the end and see if it is the right exchange for you.

Latest Bibox Review

As with any cryptocurrency exchange, the features that make the exchange easy to use for beginners as well as professional traders take center stage.


The exchange utilizes AI based modules among other smart trading tools that help in trade automation. The exchange also allows for API integration with other trading services as well as offering Mac and PC desktop client apps. They also have a mobile app that is available to both iOS and Android device users.

Bibox Review


The exchange utilizes a web-based trading platform with an easy and intuitive user interface. It comes packed with a broad range of functions such as an order book, responsive charts, trading history. Users will also get to choose between a full or basic screen depending on your trading prowess. Experienced traders will also find the technical analysis of the various coin pairs helpful in making informed trading choices.

Trading Options

Bibox gives users access to a large number of coins, market, orders, and limit with a 0.1% trading fee that applies to all traders. You are liable to get a 50% discount on transaction fees when you pay with BIX when you trade the available tokens on the platform. With that said the withdrawal fees vary from one coin to another and you can get the full fee structure here.

Customer Support

The Bibox site is available in several languages including, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and English. With that said, users get 24/7 customer support on the platform, and all you need to do is browse through the FAQs or open a ticket on the Support section of the website. They also provide customer support via social media platforms including Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Is Bibox Safe?

Features aside, the elephant in the room is whether Bibox is a safe and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. This comes in the height of fake exchanges that are out to scam traders. From our deductions and considering user reviews, we are confident to report that it is a safe and legit platform. Besides, there have been no reports to suggest that the exchange has had security breaches since its launch in 2017.

Bibox Review

Bibox uses 2-factor authentication for your account and set a separate password for withdrawals. Other than this, Bibox has no trade delays, no trading platform delays. The incorporation of AI means that the platform is always learning and rectifying any foreseeable mistakes before they become a loophole for hackers and scammers. Read trending cryptocurrency news here.


Bibox despite being a new entrant in the cryptocurrency exchange, it is one of the best platforms to make your trades. If you are new to the platform, you can browse through the Beginner’s Guide or the Advanced Tutorial if you are an experienced trader. You will need to provide various documents when creating a trading account. The platform caters to an international market and with the 24/7 customer support, you can expect an outstanding user experience. We are confident that the information in this Bibox review will help you make the right decision. Happy Trading!

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  2. Dont use BIBOX. They scammed me for my deposited tokens. If you ask the support, they say they have not received the tokens although it is visible on the chain! It is not safe to use BIBOX. Stay away!

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