BBC: Facebook Will Release ‘GlobalCoin’ Q1 2020, Bitcoin Recovers Above $8K & more

BBC: Facebook Will Release ‘GlobalCoin’ in Q1 2o2o

The BBC has revealed that Facebook will release its stablecoin by Q1 2020. The largest news network from the United Kingdom even cites the internal name for Facebook’s cryptocurrency: GlobalCoin. However, it remains unknown whether this will also be the definite name for the stablecoin. According to BBC, the stablecoin will be available in a “dozen of countries.”

Bitcoin Has Breached the $8k Signal Again – Bullish Signal

The bulls have reconquered the 8k level of Bitcoin. This is a strong bullish signal for Bitcoin. Especially, as the market formed higher lows while doing so. Another selloff is still possible but it looks like the bullrun will continue. Currently, the price of Bitcoin sits at around $8,070.

Plus Token is a Scam – How to Tell

Plus token is a recent crypto project that is making the round promising horrendous profits to each of its investors. It claims to make profits with – yes, yet another miraculous undisclosed tradebot. If that does not ring an alert (Hey, hey, hey!). Jokes aside there are many incosistencies about the project.

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TATTOO Wine Blockchain Platform Unveiled To Validate Authenticity Of Wine

Ernest and Young and Blockchain Wine have partnered to develop a Distributed Ledger Technology-based platform for tracking vintage and new wines across the supply chain to farmers. The Blockchain wine platform will create a trusted set of ledgers that can easily trace grapes from vineyards, brewers, warehouses, and transporters to hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other end users. The solution is aimed at ensuring that both the wines for consumption and investment are of verifiable quality through offering quality assurance, provenance, as well as authenticity services.

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Bitcoin ATMS by Coinme Now Available in More than 21 States

Coinme is a blockchain-powered company whose main objective is to help more people benefit from Bitcoin by providing technologically advanced Bitcoin ATMs. Unlike in the past when getting bitcoins was a painful and time-consuming process, you can now convert your fiat cash into bitcoin at any of the Bitcoin ATMs in a simple 4-step process.

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