Bakkt Will Start Bitcoin Futures Trading In July, Paxos Stablecoin Instantly Redeemable & more

Bakkt Will Start Bitcoin Futures Trading In July

The CEO of Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler, announced that institutional investors will be able to trade Bitcoin futures on its platform. In order to do so, Bakkt is cooperating closely with ICE, the parent company of Bakkt. In cooperation with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bakkt recently concentrated on fulfilling all necessary regulations. Another focus is now to improve the customer experience.

Paxos Stablecoin Instantly Redeemable

Paxos, the issuer of the USD stablecoin PAX, offers now instant redemption for its stablecoin. Banks that accept PAX convert it immediately to USD. The difference to Tether is that there is no fee for the conversion and no minimum amount for conversions. Tether’s minimum amount for redemption lies at $100,000 which makes it impractical for the standard user. As a consequence of this, Pax has now a serious advantage over its competitors. Especially in light of Tether’s recent demise, Paxos could already gain several dozen million in market capitalization.

SEC Postpones Bitwise ETF Judgement

According to a report by Coindesk, the SEC has postponed its judgment to the Bitwise ETF yet again. The Securities and Exchange Commission has declared that it cannot yet give its judgment on the filing.

Are You Dead Yet? Metahash, Electroneum, Rchain Have Not Profited From the Bullrun

While a lot of cryptocurrencies are following Bitcoin’s recent surge, some cryptocurrencies show little appreciation from investors. In some cases it comes unexpected, in other cases, it is well deserved. As it is the case with a particular cryptocurrency called ‘Bitcoiin’ for example. But let’s take a look at some other seemingly ‘dead coins’ that have moved little in this euphoric market or even plunged.

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Cryptopia Suspends All Trading Operations and Goes into Liquidation

On Wednesday last week, Cryptopia’s management team told the press that the company has decided to halt all trading operations. They also stated that the exchange platform would now be under a liquidator, Grant Thornton New Zealand. An official tweet from the company shortly after the press briefing confirmed that the company was going into liquidation. Notably, the website went under maintenance yesterday and surprisingly thousands of cryptocurrency traders who use the platform were not notified in advance.

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