Is The Place To Buy Cars With BCH

A majority of car buyers have been grappling with lengthy processes of closing deals due to length KYC requirements, slow money transfers, and other time-consuming formalities.

These challenges may soon be a thing of the past as is proffering a car marketplace that allows buyers to select their dream cars, pay with BCH, and collect their vehicle at designated pick-up points or accept a home delivery.

The Platforms Is For Supercars

Ads for supercars can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of online marketplaces that sell high-end cars. However, a closer look at most of these sites shows that only a few platforms support Crypto payments.

In this regard, is presenting car buyers with a good choice of makes and models to select and an easier way to pay through BCH. Some of the options available include family SUVs, fancy sports cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Aston Martins, and classic collections. works in partnership with leading car dealers. One of the partners is It is a leading e-commerce site for high-end vehicles in the UK and more global car dealers are set to join the online marketplace. Is Supporting Crypto Payments

Auto Coin Cars is collaborating with to deploy the Crypto payment service for BCH. The peer-to-peer electronic cash is a hard fork version of Bitcoin (BTC) Tokens and it is more convenient for Crypto enthusiasts to adopt.

Car Sales Quotes Are In BCH

According to the CEO of Auto Coin Cars, David White, the quotes of the cars are offered in BCH which is a break away from the norm where buyers only get car quotes in Fiat currencies.

The use-case of the Crypto is set to greatly break barriers of vehicle dealership in the international market as clients will have less hectic experiences in importing cars. This is because Cryptos transcend boundaries are not restricted by monetary dynamics that constrain the usability of Fiat money.

In addition to BCH, users will also be able to get quotations in Autocoin, which is the native token of the platform.

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Crypto Car Sales Industry Has Potential For Growth

Auto Coin Car sales team is confident that its business model is set for success. This is because Crypto holders are increasing by the day with the UK alone having 3 million Digital Token wallets. On the other hand, the market for luxury cars is bullish with a long term outlook showing that it will grow by a CAGR of 12% in five years. Therefore, a platform like the North London-based Auto Coin Cars that caters to the needs of these niche markets is timely.

Other online shops that serve the Crypto Car industry include Buysellcarwithbitcoin,, etc.

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