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Author: Samantha Mitchell

G20 Summit Reiterates Calls To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Many studies conclude that regulating Digital Assets can often yield positive results on the Cryptocurrency market that is still in its infancy stage. All that needs to be adhered to by regulators is goodwill to nurture the industry and to redirect Crypto trading and transactions in the right direction. However, regulations too can hinder progress […]

ConsenSys MD: Blockchain Is Transforming Customer Experience Delivery For Businesses

According to Lory Kehoe- the MD of ConsenSys, Distributed Ledger Technology is becoming a popular strategy for businesses that are looking for ways of boosting customer experience on their networks. Hence, the vast potential of Blockchain technology will be the avenue for creating smart networks for various use cases. In this regard, Lory is drawing […]

Amazon And Huawei To Be New Competitors In Blockchain Technology Industry

Blockchain technology evolution has received a major shot in the arm following the entry of Huawei and Amazon into the Distributed Ledger Technology space. On the part of Amazon, the $1 trillion worth company owned by ultra-rich billionaire Jeff Bezos has announced that it is launching two Blockchain platforms including the Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) […]

Skrill To Support Ripple (XRP)

In a positive twist of events to the Crypto community, Skrill has announced a move to expand the scope of Cryptocurrencies that the internet wallet supports to include Ripple’s native Token XRP. Therefore, from now henceforth, Skrill will be supporting five Digital Assets including XRP. This revelation was made via Twitter on an official Skrill […]

Google Searches For Bitcoin Spikes Indicating Renewed Interest In Cryptos

With the current bearish markets, some quarters have been adamant in proclaiming that it is the beginning of the end of Cryptocurrencies. As the world’s largest Crypto Asset, Bitcoin’s price movements have been at the central focus of debates and lengthy reports forecasted that the selloff scenario would increase dramatically as demand and interest wane. […]

Todd Scott: IBM Is Driving Blockchain Technology Adoption

IBM is one of the global players that has great influential power in regards to technology adoption. According to the Vice President in charge of IBM Blockchain Global trade, Todd Scott, the massive company has a “master plan” that seeks to gradually drive innovation and facilitate access to DLT. VP Scott reveals that the heavyweight […]

Amon Review

In regards to Cryptocurrencies, the biggest challenges that users face is volatility and real-time conversion that affects liquidity and practicability of using Cryptos as currencies. Amon is a next-level multi-platform and multi-currency network that incorporates the convenience of using a traditional debit card, and a smart Crypto exchange platform based on Artificial Intelligence protocols, It […]

VaultChain Silver From Tradewind Makes Its Debut In Precious Metals Custody Industry

VaultChain Silver has been unveiled by the Tradewind technology company. The introduction of silver to VaultChain marks yet another milestone in proffering a next-generation platform for various clients dealing with precious metals. This comes following a successful launch of VaultChain Gold earlier as Tradewind follows with its roadmap of adding refining locations, different storage, and […]

Technavio: Blockchain-Powered Global Sea Freight To Surge By 3% In 5 Years

In the coming 5-year period effective from 2018 to 2022, a research forecasts that the global sea freight forwarding industry under Blockchain-powered networks will surge. The report further discloses that the compounded annual growth rate for the entire period under review will be by an exceptional 3%. Shipment Industry Is Becoming Sophisticated The study by […]

Is It Time For The FCA To Tighten Crypto Regulation?

In the recent past, prolonged Crypto markets bears and risks that are associated with Crypto investments are prompting conversations of whether the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK should rethink its approach to Digital Assets management. Questions about necessity, possibility, and end result are now prominent and experts are divided on opinion and aftermath. […]
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