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Author: Samantha Mitchell

Gemini Crypto Exchange Lists BCH After Getting A Greenlight From NYDFS

From Monday 10th December 2018, Gemini will be listing Bitcoin Cash’s Adjustable Blocksize Cap (BCH ABC) for Crypto market trading. It is important to take account of the fact that this Cryptocurrency has adopted the BCH symbol following its hard fork of 24th November 2018. Additionally, Gemini Crypto exchange platform will be supporting custody services […]

ICO Vs Venture Capital

Raising capital is one of the main hurdles that startups face. However, to overcome this challenge, such businesses can use ICO or venture capital (VP). ICO has been around for only a few years, thanks to the emergence of blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. Venture capital involves raising funds from various venture capitalists and has been […]

Statistics Show That Bitcoin ATMs Have Crossed The 4,000 Mark

The total number of Blockchain Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) has surpassed the 4000 mark to stand at 4060 globally. This is according to a data compilation by a statistics firm known as Coinatmradar. A previous report indicated that the number fell short of the 4000 at 3991 drawing the attention of anti-Bitcoin activists who saw […]

CorDapp Lists XRP following Ripple’s Selection For R3 Universal Payment Settlement

Ripple’s native Token, XRP, is once again making promising headlines following its listing on CorDapp. This is a Universal Payment Settlement system for R3. The network allows a payment process to be actualized in a decentralized application that is hosted in the Corda Blockchain. The DLT platform harmonizes payment on Cryptocurrencies and other Assets in […]

Signature Bank Unveils A Blockchain-Based Digital Payments Platform

Many banks are adopting Blockchain technology in developing financial products that are unique, efficient, and likely to bring more profits for their going concern concerns. Although Blockchain technology and its Distributed Ledger Technology architecture are conceptualized on the premise of eliminating third parties like banks, structural changes and the versatility of DLT are prompting an […]

SWIFT Blockchain System Prototype Is Live

A prototype for SWIFT Blockchain network has been established and deployed for trials to investigate strategies for reducing payment latency. The area that engineers will be focusing on is errors in the legacy system of SWIFT that might be eliminated by DLT application. SWIFT Blockchain System Will Support Faster Account Number Authentication Under the new […]

Brad Garlinghouse Predicts That Banks Will Offer Crypto Custody Services By 2019

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse is saying that custody services for Cryptocurrencies such as XRP will become a dominant Bank product from 2019. This raises the concerns of centralization given that banks’ involvement of in financial transactions is the very challenge that Blockchain and Digital currencies were meant to address in the first place. […]

‘Blockchain For Europe Association’ Has Been Established

In order to create more awareness about Blockchain technology in the European Union, four leading Blockchain technology platforms have partnered in forming an association that will enlighten the region about the emerging technology. Dubbed as Blockchain for Europe Association, the new organization will also explore and exploit the potential of Distributed Ledger Technology in Europe. […]

Cryptos Mining Power Emission To Be Harnessed For Energy Production

A Canadian company, Heatmine, is testing solutions of producing energy by harvesting heat from computers used for mining Cryptocurrencies. A large number of researchers have found out that mining of Cryptocurrencies generates and consumes an immense amount of heat that can indirectly contribute to global warming. This can occur when the demand from miners overwhelms […]

Blockchain Technology Is The Key To A Futuristic Insurance Industry

In an interview with Helene Stanway of XL Catlin, Martin Cooper of RITTech confirms that Blockchain technology is the future of an efficient Insurance industry. Martin believes that the largest transformation following the application of the technology will enable underwriters to price risks in near real time. This will have an effect of allowing risk […]
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