Author: Samantha Mitchell

Blockchain Is Helping Cocktail Enthusiasts To Trace The Origin Of Their Drinks

One bartender is seeking to revolutionize the Food and Beverage industry by offering a Blockchain platform that can be used by clients to track the origin of their products and their inputs right from the farmer to the bar coolers. A typical cocktail drink is what many people look forward to after a long day […]

A Crypto-Like Payment Option Appears On Italy-Based Facebook Accounts

Facebook users in Italy are noticing that their accounts have an interesting addition that they find extraordinary. On the apps social network, there is the “Paga con Facebook” invitation that translates to “Pay with Facebook” in English. Further, the tab has a Bitcoin logo signifying that the new payment option is Cryptocurrency-based. This development is […]

The First ICO Portal Ready For Thailand

Thailand Cryptocurrency traders have something to celebrate this week after reports emerged that the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the first initial coin offerings (ICOs) portal. The Asian country has been striving to make its Crypto market secure and attractive to local and foreign investors. The latest move is expected to boost […]

Coinbase Lists Stellar (XLM)

Coinbase Pro platform has listed XLM following the successful implementation of four initial phases of Coin introduction on the platform as per the set standards. In this regard, Coinbase traders can start ordering XLM/BTC, XLM/GBP, and XLM/EUR pairs. The service is available in supported jurisdictions with the exception of the state of New York. However, […]

Xpring And Forte Invest In $100 Million Fund For Blockchain-Powered Games

Forte-a Blockchain startup and Xpring-Ripple’s incubator arm, on March 12th, announced they are investing in a $100 million fund program The joint venture is aimed at supporting developers of live games who are keen and enthusiastic about adopting Blockchain technology. This initiative is coming at a time when the gaming industry is increasingly adopting Blockchain […]

New Blockchain Platform, Ocean Protocol, To Disrupt Borderless Data Sharing

During the Token2049 conference it was announced that a revolutionary technology that has the ability to herald a global and borderless data economy will be unveiled. Dubbed as Ocean Protocol, the data sharing platform connects individuals, data & AI experts, governments, startups, and industries to create a seamless flow of information between the interdependent parties […]

HSBC Is Calling For Partners Ahead Of The Launching Of Voltron platform

HSBC is the latest entrant to the growing list of Banks that are creating and deploying Blockchain technology to streamline their services. To fully embrace Blockchain and inspire adoption, the global bank is inviting South Korean banks to form a joint partnership with HSBC ahead of the launch in the “near future”. HSBC’s innovation director, […]

All Is Set For Hollywood To Release Its Film Titled ‘Crypto’

Bitcoin adoption is set to reach sky high levels with the upcoming release of ‘Crypto’ Movie to the big screen. This comes following the making of the Cryptocurrency-themed film by Hollywood. The trailer is already out and excitement is already starting to build not only among Bitcoin enthusiasts but also the wide base of Hollywood […]

Ikea Delves Into Blockchain For Renewable Energy Generation

Ikea’s innovation lab Space 10 is developing a Blockchain-powered solar microgrid. The furniture giant is aiming to democratize the management of renewable energy to entice many people to produce electricity for the microgrid using green -energy solutions. Dubbed as SolarVille, Ikea’s Blockchain platform is at its modeling phase. The model is a wooden village prototype […]

Malta Appoints A Renowned Cybersecurity Company To Look After The Crypto Operations

Ciphertrace, a US cybersecurity firm has been appointed by the Malta Financial Services Authority in a new role. The main work of Ciphertrace would be to assist with compliance monitoring of the cryptocurrency assets. The main work of Ciphertrace would be to assist with compliance monitoring of the cryptocurrency assets. It would also be charged with […]
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