Author: Samantha Mitchell

WWF Australia Unveils A Blockchain Platform For Tracking Food

According to a tweet dated 17th January 2019, the World Wildlife Fund-Australia (WWF-Australia) is unveiling a tool for tracking food products. This new platform is using Blockchain technology that has key qualities such as transparency, open-source, and immutability. The main users that this DLT target includes consumers and businesses. Other concerned parties can also access […]

BitFury Surround Unveiled For The Music And Entertainment Industry

A Blockchain technology company based in the US, BitFury has launched a Blockchain platform for the music and entertainment industry. The new network has been labeled as BitFury Surround and is primarily targeting to eliminate the challenges that artists in the music industry face. It also extends its solutions to the problems that stakeholders in […]

Ford To Fight Cobalt Mines Exploitation In The DRC Through Blockchain

Electric cars run on lithium-ion batteries which are made using cobalt and other inputs and the DRC has 60% of the global cobalt reserves. However, in a country where the government is virtually nonexistent in some areas, Cobalt mining is controlled by cartels that buy cobalt from locals who mine the resource in inhuman condition […]

HSBC Conducts Blockchain-Based Forex Trade Worth $250bn In 2018

The HSBC Bank based in London has used Distributed Ledger Technology to complete Forex trading transactions worth over $250 billion. The report, therefore, shows that the London-based bank is a leader in adopting the emerging technology that is yet to be embraced on a large scale across industries in the world. The significance of this […]

The US SEC’s OCIE List Cryptocurrencies As Its Top Priority In 2019

The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) which is a part of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has listed Digital Tokens as its top priority for 2019. The publication notes that the significance of Crypto Assets has grown significantly to warrant all the attention of the regulator. Monitoring Cryptos is likely to […]

An Organization Is Using Blockchain To Reclaim The Polluted Niger Delta

Sustainability International, a US-based nonprofit organization, is employing the use of Blockchain technology to clean up the Niger Delta in Nigeria. This delta of one of the World’s largest rivers-the Niger river has been heavily polluted by decades of oil spills by oil mining company giants such as Shell and others. The situation has been […]

NASA Is Proposing A Blockchain-Based Air Traffic Management

According to RT, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is exploring opportunities and risks of launching a Blockchain technology platform to control and manage air traffic. If the proposal is adopted, experts believe that NASA will be able to develop a blockchain-powered infrastructure to manage air traffic operations. The new platform will proffer maximum […]

Positive Crypto Markets Outlook, As New York And Wyoming Lead The Way

New York City is set to unveil a Blockchain center as Wyoming endorses Crypto-friendly motions. The latest development in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ushers in a positive outlook for the industry as the world ushers in 2019. Notably, in the USA, different states are competing to be the industry’s haven in the midterm and long term. […]

Global Economic Map To Change By 2030, What It Means For Crypto Markets

By Nominal GDP, the USA is the largest economy in the world as at Q1 2019 with $19.39 trillion. China comes at a distant second with $12.01 trillion. Japan, Germany, and the UK follow with $4.87 trillion, $3.68, and $2.62 trillion respectively according to data from the World Bank. Data from the Standard Chartered Plc., […]

Between 2018 And 2024, Blockchain Application In Energy Industry Will Surge By 78.2%

From a report published by Zion Market Research-a New York-based company that seeks to offer informative and up to date reports about industries- Blockchain technology in the energy industry will surge by 78.20% CAGR between 2018 and 2024. The report shows that as at 2018, DLT network in the crucial industry was valued at $208 […]
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