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Author: AlphanMaina

Hydro Mining, Explained

  • By AlphanMaina
  • April 8, 2019
Hydro mining is a particular mechanism for cryptocurrency excavation that depends on hydro cooling structures and hydroelectric power to construct highly-commercial excavation processes and energy-competent. Cryptocurrency excavation enables individuals to regularly share currencies such as bitcoin over a system called blockchain. To trace these proceedings, the chain system assembles all processes done during a particular […]

Tether Case, Explained

Tether is well known as a cryptocurrency that constitutes actual currencies in blockchain merchandise. The program was initiated in 2015 November. Tether has two representations EUR and USDT, which are made as counterparts of EUR and USD in a blockchain globe. Bitfinex exchange intimately joins these cryptocurrencies. Initially, Tether was developed on the blockchain technology, […]

Provably Fair Games, Explained

A game is contemplated verifiable fair if there is a program in spot, which permits participants to determine the accuracy of the game procedure. The occurrence of a provably fair idea is almost associated with the increase of digital cryptocurrency betting: lotteries, casinos, and other computerized games that permit setting bets and acquiring prizes in […]

SEC Ruling on the DAO and ICO, Explained

On July 25, the stock exchanges commission announced that blockchain firms should obey state rules. The SEC declared that sales and offers of current assets by implicit firms are subject to the demands of state securities rules. Such purchases and offers controlled by firms using blockchain technology and supply records have been named among other […]

Russian Social Media Platform VKontakte (VK) Considering Launching A Cryptocurrency

The largest social media platform in Russia, VKontakte is reported to be considering creating and launching its own cryptocurrency. The platform, which is commonly referred to as Russian Facebook has millions of users in the country. VKontakte to Launch a Cryptocurrency One of the leading media companies in the country, RNS, recently stated that authoritative […]

First Ever Cryptocurrency Exchange in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the countries that have been lagging behind in terms of adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. A blockchain firm based in Switzerland, Kronn Ventures AG is determined to change this by launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Vietnam. Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange in Vietnam Kronn Ventures AG has already signed a memorandum of […]

SEC Ease Up To Companies That Agree to Cooperate

Over the last three years, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has been working on regulations to streamline the cryptocurrency industry. These regulations are mainly meant to protect cryptocurrency users from risks associated with cryptocurrencies such as phishing attempts. Good News for Cryptocurrency Companies in the United States A new report shows that SEO […]

Five Million Cryptocurrency Related Ads Blocked by Microsoft Bing

Bing, Microsoft search engine, is reported to have reported approximately five million ads that are in one way or another related to cryptocurrencies. The action was taken in a bid to make the browser safe for all its users. The revelation was made in the most recent Ad quality year in review 2018 that was […]

Africa Lagging Behind in Cryptocurrency Adoption

Cryptocurrency adoption rate in many parts of the world is high, but that is not the case in Africa even though bitcoin is one of the widely searched words online as reported by Google Trends. The high search volume is a sign that most people in the continent are interested in digital currencies. Low Cryptocurrency […]

Top 4 Browser Extensions for Cryptocurrency Users

Browser extensions, also referred to as plugins, give one an opportunity to customise web browsers and enhance the overall browsing experience. For example, you can use them to enhance privacy and filter content that you do not want to see when online. Cryptocurrency users need such plugins to enhance privacy and security of their digital […]
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