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Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Backed by Four Iranian Banks

The Islamic Republic of Iran is keen on using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to circumvent the stringent economic sanctions imposed by the United States. Ever since the sanctions came into effect, the country’s economy has been snowballing downhill. There are reports that the government is in the process of launching a government-backed cryptocurrency. Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency […]

World’s First Formula 1 Cryptocurrency Deal Announced- FuturoCoin

The beauty of the cryptocurrency industry is that it is borderless and has proven to be capable of improving just about any industry. Red Bull Aston Martin yesterday announced to the public that they have finally managed to partner with one of the new cryptocurrency companies in the world, FuturoCoin. FuturoCoin Signs a Deal with […]

Cryptocurrency Independence under Threat As New Regulations Take Effect

Cryptocurrency independence is under threat and the industry will be put to test as new regulations in different parts of the world take effect. The regulations are meant to streamline the industry but eliminating risks that are associated with digital currencies such as fraud. New Regulations Put Cryptocurrency Independence to the Test A few years […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Loses $145 Million Following the Death of Its CEO

QuadrigaCX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Canada, has lost digital currencies worth $145 million following the death of its CEO, Gerald Cotton. The exchange is at loss of words on how to explain the loss to hundreds if not thousands of customers who have been using the platform to trade and invest […]

Binance Now Allows Clients to Buy Cryptocurrencies Using Credit Cards

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. In a bid to give existing and potential customers convenient ways of getting their hands on preferred digital currencies, the company has introduced a system that allows you to use your credit card to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Investing in Cryptocurrencies […]

UAE and Saudi Arabia Carrying Out Joint Cryptocurrency Trials

Cryptocurrency wave has taken over the entire world. There is no single country that does not have a trace of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology including the developing countries that have shown great growth potential such as Kenya. New Cryptocurrency Been Tested by Saudi Arabia and UAE The national banks of United Arabs Emirates and Saudi […]

Marshall Island Official Cryptocurrency Banknotes to be printed by a Swiss Startup

The Republic of Marshall Islands is one of most vocal supporters of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Over the last one year, its government has been putting in place measures to promote adoption of the digital currencies in the country. Printing Notes of Marshall Island Cryptocurrency Marshall Island is among the few countries that have a […]

Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea Pool Data to Curtail Money Laundering

Money laundering is one of the risks associated with use of cryptocurrencies. South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges are committed and determined to eliminate this risk from the industry. To achieve this goal, they are ganging up to pool data from all existing and potential customers. South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Fight Money Laundering Money laundering is by […]

Iran Almost Launching a State-Backed Cryptocurrency

Iran, one of the main Islamic countries in the world has been adversely affected by the United States sanctions. The economy has taken a hit as evident from the current status of the economy. Luckily, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the potential of reversing this completely. State-Backed Cryptocurrency Iran was shut out of the global […]

Robinhood Secure BitLicense to Offer Cryptocurrency Services New York

Robinhood Financial LLC, one of the leading zero-fee online stockbrokers has finally secured New York BitLicense. What this means is that the financial services provided can now offer cryptocurrency services in New York legally. Notably, the company ventured into the cryptocurrency market in February last year 2018. Zero-Fee Ethereum and Bitcoin Trading Product The cryptocurrency […]
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