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Opera Touch-Cryptocurrency Inspired Browser Coming Soon

After launching on Android, Opera team has announced that the team is working on cryptocurrency-inspired browser for iPhone users. What this means is that you will soon be able to use the browser on your iPhone and iPad device. Reports indicate that the new browser will be referred to as Opera Touch and it will […]

Cryptocurrency Remittance Service Introduced by Venezuela Government

Venezuela government gained traction in the cryptocurrency world when they introduced a national cryptocurrency, Petro. Since then, the financial regulator in the country has been coming up with policies and frameworks to promote adoption and mitigate the risks. One of the new services introduced by the government is crypto remittance service. Crypto Remittance Service in […]

5 Wise Nuggets on How to Prepare for Cryptocurrency Taxes

How to prepare for cryptocurrency taxes? Soon, governments will start working closely with financial regulators to start taking cryptocurrency investors. Cryptocurrency taxes will help legitimize the industry and also streamline processes. As an investor, it is important to prepare for this well to avoid any tussles with the government. Here are wise nuggets on how […]

Telegram and Facebook Hoping To Resolve Bitcoin Downsides

The world’s largest internet messaging companies, Facebook and Telegram are planning to venture into the cryptocurrency space. They are optimistic that their solutions will resolve Bitcoin downsides and enable them succeed in murky waters that other cryptocurrency startups have failed. Telegram and Facebook to Venture into Cryptocurrency The two companies, Facebook and Telegram are rumoured […]

Cryptocurrency Market in Swiss Secures Banking Access

Swiss crypto market is destined for greatness and we project massive growth in the coming months following access to basic banking services. This means that cryptocurrency investors and traders in the country will be able to access crypto services in the conventional banks. Swiss Crypto Users Can Now Access Banking Services In a recent interview, […]

Coinbase Partner with SoFi to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading

Report reaching our news desk today is that Coinbase is partnering with SoFi to launch cryptocurrency trading platform. Coinbase is among the top cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world and its popularity is expected to help SoFi get a firm footing in the industry. SoFi and Coinbase Cryptocurrency Trading Platform SoFi is an online lending […]

Emerging Details of Samsung Galaxy S10 Cryptocurrency Wallet

Samsung is one of the leading smartphones in the world. With competition for more customers getting brutal, smartphone developers are adding new features to their devices to make them more robust and in line with the market trends. Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet is one such feature that gained massive traction across the globe. Details […]

Russia Reportedly Planning to Launch an Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency

Russia is on the verge of launching an oil-backed cryptocurrency. The country is is best known for having some of the most sophisticated data security systems in the world. In fact, it is rumored that the most lethal cyber hackers are from this country. Over the last one year, Russia government has been keenly observing […]

Deciphering the Myths about Cryptocurrency Custody

Over the last couple of months, I have noticed some inaccuracies popping up about how cryptocurrency custody and storage solution are perceived by the global crypto community. If left unresolved, these myths can mislead millions of people and hinder them enjoying the full benefits of a decentralized system. Today, we look at the top myths […]

The New Samsung Galaxy S10 Has a Cryptocurrency Storage Key

Blockchain technology has proved to be capable of changing the manner in which we do tasks. This new technology enhances transparency and security. Mobile manufacturing companies have started showing signs of using this technology to protect their customers’ private data. Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Cryptocurrency Storage Key Reports indicate that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 […]
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