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Author: AlphanMaina

Where Is the Cryptocurrency Industry Headed In 2019?

The cryptocurrency industry in 2018 has been stuck in a bear run,and bitcoin is the perfect example to explain it. In the first quarter of 2018,Bitcoin was trading at close to $13,500 which was a sharp drop from the all-time high trading price of $19,783.06 as at December 2017. By the time of writing this […]

Go Blockchain Connect Conference

Blockchain Connect Conference will be held on January 11th 2019 at San Francisco Marriott Marquis.This is the third conference organized by SV Insight and the theme of the event is Academic. The conference will bring together some of the most prominent blockchain technology professors from all across the globe. What to Expect The event will […]

What Is An ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising method used by new projects to sell their essential crypto tokens in exchange for Ether or Bitcoin. This undertaking bears similarity to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) whereby investors buy shares of companies that have been publicly-listed. Many people still ask what is an ICO because this is […]

What is a Decentralized Application?

Decentralized applications (DApps) are among the new breed of apps whose growth is attributed to blockchain technology. DApps run on P2P computer networks rather that one computer. Therefore, these applications cannot be controlled by one computer or user. However, the main question that abounds is what is a decentralized application? Well, there isn’t a straightforward […]

What Is A DAO?

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you have probably encountered this the question; what is a DAO? A decentralized autonomous organization is a business whose main decisions are made electronically. Written computer codes or members’ votes are used when making decisions rather than leaving it to one individual. Upon the invention of blockchain technologies, there […]

Hard Fork vs. Soft Fork

If you are well a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you have probably come across the terms hard fork vs. soft fork. Blockchains, which is the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, are distributed ledgers comprising of ever-growing blocks of data to form a chain of blocks. Since cryptocurrencies are mostly decentralized, participants must agree of a set of rules […]

Blockchain’s Scaling Problem, Explained

Ever since the world’s first cryptocurrency was launched,the excitement around the blockchain technology has been building up. In years gone by, the idea of decentralized virtual currencies looked far-fetched. In recent years, however, more people are waking up to the fact that cryptocurrency is headed towards mainstream adoption. Despite its incredible growth, the main issue […]

Japanese Regulator Publish Draft of Proposed Domestic Cryptocurrency Regulations Framework

Japan’s regulator, Financial Services Agency has published a draft of new domestic cryptocurrency regulations framework. This comes one day after Hong Kong proposed new stricter rules to curb the risks associated with digital currencies such as money laundering. Financial Services Agency (FSA) Proposed Cryptocurrency Regulations The draft of proposed cryptocurrency regulations was published late last […]

Why Use a Blockchain?

There is no doubt that we are living in a digital world and blockchain technology is among the world’s leading platforms for digital assets. The blockchain platform is increasingly becoming essential in the modern world, but the big question is; why use a blockchain? As this technology becomes more popular, a lot of money is […]

What Are the Applications and Use Cases of Blockchains?

What Are the Applications and Use Cases of Blockchains? Since its inception, blockchain technology has rapidly outgrown its original ambitions and goals. However, there is also a lot of hype that still surrounds this new kid on the block. And one of the biggest questions being asked out there is; what are the applications and […]
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