Astor Review

What is Astor?

Astor is an Ethereum Blockchain Technology (ERC-20) Cryptocurrency coin, that aims at improving the eSports and the betting world using the Blockchain technology that allows users to input their profiles and select the type of activity they want to participate.

Astor is a new revolution in the e-gaming industry where individuals will get an inclusive platform for gamers as well as those who love betting. Astor uses a cutting-edge technology that will allow one to take part in matches and tournaments such as FIFA17, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and many others as the platform will be continually developed to meet the market needs.

astorgame road map

The Token

Token: ASTOR
Total amount: 100,000,000 = 100%
Project protocol: ERC20
Token Sale: 60,000,000 = 60%
Start date (Pre-Sale): 10 Jan 2018
Pre-sale: 17,000,000 = 17%
Closing date: 23rd Jan 2018 or till it’s sold out
Value of tokens per person: unlimited
Extra tokens emission: impossible

How Astor Works

With Astor tokens, you can place bets on the platform. Using these tokens will give you extra benefits such as earning points and discounts. These tokens can be exchanged to other currencies as well. The AstorGame platform is also some online store where you can get themed products of your choice such as T-shirts.


What Astor Brings

• There will be various types of games to meet the needs of the diverse target population and make Astor the choice platform for gaming and betting.
• Astor games will be developed to its logical conclusion to give the gamers an ultimate experience in their choice games.
• Astor hopes to bring in a global platform that can accommodate all gamers irrespective of their location; cutting-edge technologies, excellent customer service for its clients as well as continually ensuring freshness of games within the platform will be given utmost priority so that all bettors and gamers will have an ultimate experience.
• Astor games will be designed with enhanced with efficiency, speed, and security so that gamers will have secure gaming experience.
• This platform will also strive to make betting not only rewarding but also fun by using state of the art technology, which offers an interactive platform.
• Astor platform objective is to not only make a profit for its investors but also establish itself in the market as a company with a high value. This way they will be able to improve their services to its users and even exceed the set goals. Enhancing their asset value is one of Astor’s main priorities, as this will not only increase the value of their tokens but also significantly improve the dividends for Astor investors.
• Plans of Astor include a mega market expansion that will consist of a platform offering free training for bettors to sharpen their skills in the art. The course will also teach gamers and bettors the basics of these technologies to improve their understanding.

Astor benefits

• Astor is Provably Fair
The Astor platform offers lottery players a fair chance of winning by using various technologies that encrypt data to solve cheating as has been common in traditional casinos. Players will even be able to ascertain that no rules have been changed by any third party. This feature available on the Astor platform will restore the prestige associated with betting.
• Astro introduces Security and Smart Contracts
The concepts are what completely change the gaming and betting sector. Smart contracts technology converts prize earned by various players into an algorithm that will only be disbursed after the game hence eliminating the need for go-betweens.

Astor Benefits

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