Art Exhibition Held To Commemorate Launch Of Bitcoin

The ten year anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper release was on the 31st of October, and to commemorate this, artists will be celebrating through holding a variety of art exhibitions in France.

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The Crypto Art Initiative

The exhibition was opened to the public on the 28th of last month and will be running to the 5th of October in the heart of France, Paris. Holding the art exhibition in Paris has been fitting seeing as the city is considered as the city of art and homes some of the best-known museums and galleries in the world.

The exhibition has been organized by Pascal Boyart, a French artist, who is eagerly promoting the Crypto Art initiative by bringing together the art and Crypto industry and getting artists who are into Crypto from all over the globe to come together in Paris.

The exhibition has been created in a way to demonstrate the potential that Crypto has in the real-life setting through symbolism. It also shows the potential use of Blockchain technology in the art industry.

A Record Of The Crypto Revolution

The art exhibition will include a crypto treasure hunt for the event goers where they will have to find Bitcoins hidden in the art pieces. Some of the well-known artists expected to showcase at the exhibition include Coin Artist, Josephine Bellini and Andy Bauch exhibiting art pieces that merge both art and Cryptocurrency. All art pieces that will be up for sale will have to be purchased Crypto specifically Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, and Litecoin.

All purchasers of art pieces will be issued with certificates of authenticity, which will also be registered on the Blockchain network in order to bear proof of ownership and as a way to show how through this cutting-edge technology forgery and counterfeiting could be combated in the art industry, a ;problem that has to date resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

The owner of the Sconci Art Gallery based in Dubai, who is also the Chief executive of the art crypto start-up ArtWallet, Lorenzo Sconci when asked to comment on the exhibition stated that just as every other revolution before it have shaped artistic impressions and the art industry during their time, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology as the newest revolution in the past decade will have the same effect on the art industry.

He commended the exhibition as being a brilliant initiative saying that were it not for the various forms of art the knowledge that is there about history would not be quite as vivid. He added that through the Crypto Art Movement, there will be accounts of the way artists were able to interpret and synthesize the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency revolution.

Art Industry To Benefit From Crypto Integration

Art Industry To Benefit From Crypto Integration

With Bitcoin having been introduced a decade ago, it is just of recent that the full potential of the underlying technology is being understood and how it can impact the way we accomplish certain tasks. With the art industry having been mostly dormant when it comes to its processes and standards, the integration of the crypto sector into the industry promises to bring a much-needed change.