Apollo DAE Review

Simply put, Apollo DAE is a Blockchain-based digital asset exchange. But that’s not all; Apollo DAE is not your typical Cryptocurrency trading platform. This crypto exchange platform is unique in the sense that it gives the traders full control with its user-friendly interactive online platform. Apollo DAE merges the best Blockchain and Forex trading technologies to provide a better trading experience for everyone.

Users who paper trade on their demo exchange in the ICO period are being awarded bonus DAE tokens. Additionally, if you share your line, you also get free DAE tokens for your trouble. Apollo DAE has approached the Cryptocurrency business in an innovatively unique way that has allowed the platform to attract a wide user base in a short span of time. Apollo DAE observed how unstable other digital asset exchange platforms were and used it to their advantage.

Apollo DAE’s Goal

Apollo seeks to cover some of the issues people have to deal with at digital asset exchanges. Among them are problems such as poor security, market manipulation, little to no market information, low liquidity levels, and lack of customer support. When developing this platform, the Apollo DAE team took measures that promised to make all of these issues a thing of the past and true to their word, Apollo DAE has been hailed as one of the best digital asset exchange platforms in the world.

Apollo & Avo

The Token

Token: DAE and AVO
Presale Date: 25th February 2018
For Sale: 500,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD
Accepting: BTC, LTC, ETH
Country: USA



Apollo DAE Features

Apollo DAE is designed to ease the process of trading Cryptocurrency or other digital assets. This platform is suited for both beginner and experienced Cryptocurrency traders. The platforms present a lot of advantages for people trading digital assets, some of which include new types of orders to protect users, a liquid order book, and substantially lower fees.

Apollo DAE provides a lot of resources for learning and researching trading techniques as well as digital currencies. These resources can be found at the knowledge base, where you can find sentiment, goals, latest updates, team information, and assets market cap. If you are a beginner, you can learn how to trade on this platform. Seasoned traders can use this resource to improve their skills, too.

There is a lot of secret new orders types at Apollo DAE, specially designed to help users trade smarter and stay open to huge gains while protecting themselves from big losses. The platform gives users a lot of opportunities to earn bonus tokens without bombarding them with countless conditions or requirements, all you have to do is participate. The platform promises 99.99 percent uptime and assurance that they will always be available should you need assistance.

Apollo DAE Vision

Blockchain technology allows data to be distributed but not copied, an invention that has spurred the birth of something greater all thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto. Apollo DAE is based on the Ethereum platform, a modified version of Nakamoto’s brainchild that has made it possible for the platform to stand out among other digital currency exchanges. The platform developers’ goal is to create a better community for digital assets.

Apollo DAE promises high tech digital currency/assets exchange on the go, which will greatly increase accessibility. It’s also cheaper to trade on this platform, switching to Apollo DAE can increase your savings by 50 percent or more. Its super easy to open an account with Apollo DAE, you can even do it anonymously.