ALIGATOCOIN – A New Dimension Of e-Commerce

What is Aligato?

Aligato is a project that seeks to enhance the absorption of new technology among e-commerce businesses to improve the user experience. The project will use blockchain technology to develop the needed technological and logistical solutions.

Aligatocoin Token


Symbol: ALC
Platform: ERC20
Price of token: 1ALC = 0.50 USD
ICO dates: July 30 – August 30, 2018
Maximum tokens supply: 100M ALC
Soft Cap: 1M ALC
Hard Cap: 70M ALC

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e-Commerce Market Today

The global e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing sectors. The market is expected to exceed US$ 4 trillion by 2021. China is leading the market with a share of 15.9%. Currently, the Poland market has reached between 45 and 50 trillion PLN.

Countries with a high number of internet users also have a high number of people who make online shopping. Furthermore, the more the number of online purchases the higher the number of shipments. Data collected in 2016 showed the time of shipment to be the main cause of customer dissatisfaction.

New technologies to increase efficiency in the e-commerce sector continue to be developed. For instance, the introduction of drones has significantly reduced the shipment time. However, from next year, drones will not be used for international shipments. E-commerce stores are much faster to use than the traditional stores. They also stock more goods that are easily accessible enhancing the shopping experience.

The Role Of Aligato In e-Commerce

Aligatocoin e-CommerceAligato will use blockchain technology to provide unique and pioneering solutions available in the latest technologies and allow them to function without any challenges. This will be achieved by using blockchain to develop a new-generation auction and commercial platform. The decentralization in the new platform will improve data security while the introduction of multi-node verification will enhance the validity of information, as it will guarantee only one version of the truth.

Platform Aligato 2.0 will use blockchain and ensure all data about the different products including their origin is stored in the technology. This will allow verification by both the suppliers and buyers.

Recording the huge data in the various e-commerce on blockchain will reduce the number of processes. Data duplication will reduce significantly and there will be no risk of data loss.

Aligato will ensure that user sensitive data is stored in a more secure way. For instance, the introduction of mutual verification of the buyers and sellers will reduce errors and the risk of information theft. It will also reduce the loss of personal and financial data.

Aligato On Social Media

Social media has provided the company with one of the easiest ways to reach prospective investors and users. They regular post important details about the project on their Facebook page. You can also message them or post a question on the wall. When you follow them on Twitter, you are assured of never missing their tweets. They also have a Telegram group where they keep their fans updated.

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