New Details About Akoin Cryptocurrency Emerge

Akon is one of the prominent rappers who have shown massive interest in cryptocurrency. Unlike other celebrities who only endorse blockchain projects, Akon has gone an extra mile to develop his own cryptocurrency dubbed Akoin. Here is a comprehensive review of Akoin cryptocurrency and what you can expect from it in the coming days.

Updated Akoin Review

Akoin is one of the new cryptocurrencies in the world powered by an innovating blockchain technology. The main goal of this cryptocurrency is to create an ecosystem that will create opportunities for young entrepreneurs not only in Senegal but also across the globe.

 Akoin Ecosystem

One of the challenges facing blockchain technology is ecosystems that do not factor in the interests and needs of individual investors. Akoin ecosystem is determined to change this analogy by creating a unique global venture that will provide ample digital and real-life platforms as well as tools that create opportunities for growth and development.

Unlike other blockchain ecosystems, Akoin  ecosystem is determined to bring on board young entrepreneurs with a drive to succeed in life and make a last impression in the crypto world. Akoin cryptocurrency will make it possible for users not only earn it but also save and spend it on products and services right from their smartphone. Blockchain powered mobile apps will make it possible for users to carry out transactions in the ecosystem securely and fast.

Akoin cryptocurrency

Solutions that Akoin Cryptocurrency will bring

Akoin cryptocurrency and the entire blockchain ecosystem that will power it are wired to unlock the potent potential of the largest emerging economy in the world. This goal will be achieved through provision of a trusted crypto that is tailored to provide a generous amount of revenue generation opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as stimulate innovation in various sectors such as manufacturing and technology.

The revenue generating opportunities that Akoin cryptocurrency and ecosystem will provide are going to enhance economic stability and foster growth in Africa and the world at large.

Akoin Token of Appreciation (TOA)

Akoin Foundation that is working on Akoin cryptocurrency has developed a unique Token of Appreciation (TOA) program whose main goal is to garner not less than $1M USD from investors. This money will be used to build the Akoin ecosystem and facilitate launching of Akoin cryptocurrency.

Reports indicate that for every $1 USD donated during the Token of Appreciation campaign period, the donors or investors will get 4 Akoin cryptocurrency tokens as a sign of appreciation. After the $1M USD target is achieved, the TOAs will be distributed at different tiers.

Closing Remarks

Akoin token wallet and pilot launch is scheduled to happen between April and June 2019. The Token of Appreciation program will be launched on May 2019 while the platform launch and developer network will go live any time between July and September 2019.

Akoin cryptocurrency will be a game charger in the cryptocurrency world. We expect to see a huge number of celebrities who have already shown interest in blockchain technology invest in this project. Learn more about cryptocurrencies here include price of Bitcoin.