Air Travel Numbers Set To Double – Thanks To Blockchain Technology

Air travel is the latest industry set to enjoy the full benefits of Blockchain and digital technology as a whole. The international air transport association (IATA) has estimated 7.7 billion growth in the sector by 2036. This proves once again, how significant the technology will be in the foreseeable future.

So Why The Sudden Change?

The digital era has seen the need for individuals to remain connected globally. In light of this necessity, air travel has, as a result, become inevitable. This has involuntarily caused a compromise even for individuals who don’t like traveling by air. This compromise has forced a change in attitude in air travel and replaced it with expectations in airports and the entire industry as a whole.

Airports are no longer merely entry and exit points but hubs for traveler requirements. Airport standards have been raised to a higher level with the most basic needing banking, retail, parking, and recreation among its facilities. Needless to say, the automation of the migration’s manual processes and facilities, together with efficiency in the use of resources could make the whole experience smooth for passengers. That’s where Blockchain technology comes in.

To give credit where its due, the industry is already reforming, even before Blockchain technology came into place. What the technology is doing is fast-tracking the whole process. The question is; exactly how is Blockchain changing the tides?

How Blockchain Is Changing Tides

To start with, we must understand the basic operation of a typical airport. From airline and government regulations, fleet to baggage management. All these operations need to be integrated. The underlying data is then needed to be examined by stakeholders in a compatible form. Blockchain technology, in collaboration with the Internet of Things, provides a platform for storing and sharing information for review to enable a seamless airport experience for individual passengers.

The One Passenger One Footprint Idea

According to a 2017 survey by IATA, passengers are constantly looking for personal control over their travel experiences. Technology is the only way to achieve this freedom. Blockchain and IoT have already enabled a customized experience with ticket booking.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. The future will see blockchain technology generate personalized add-ons based on travel history. This will enable them access shopping tips based on their travel purpose, traffic, and parking notifications, automated border security control, foods and drink alerts and much more.

Of course, all these include the ability to make additional payments but the use of either cryptocurrency. And while enjoying these services, the user is identified by a single ID; the digital footprint. In the long run, their experiences are improved for better.

Baggage Management

When it comes to baggage management, it can only get better. The current situation is understandably the number one reason for customer dissatisfaction-and this is set to change. Thanks to Blockchain, we now have an error-free baggage management system. IoT can exchange real-time information at different frontiers and minimize the chance of a misplaced luggage.
The future is brighter with Blockchain technology.

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