Adult Websites To Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments is a leading adult site Blockchain platform based in Australia that is launching its Crypto payment gateway as from late this week. The network brings together 60 adult websites and they will soon have the infrastructure to accept and process Crypto payments in BTC, ETH, and other Cryptos in the secure ecosystem of according to the report.

The Australian Red Light Blockchain will also have its own native Token known as the Intimate (ITM). According to Micky, the Cryptocurrency is set to proffer privacy and efficiency while protecting the reputation of users in the adult industry. Will Be A One-Stop Market Place Powered By Blockchain Technology

The report by Micky shows that of the 60 adult websites that are part of the marketplace, 47 of them joined the club recently. These groups include Rendevu, ClubX, Eros Association to mention but a few. The platform has been registering success in its launching phase because the marketing and sales team have been promoting the Blockchain at international stages such as Xbiz Awards and the recently convened Cybersocket Awards.

They have so far managed to convince the world that is an exceptional market place that offers value and guarantee sales and returns as a one-stop adult marketplace.

Adult Sites Have Been Held Captive By Conventional Payment Processors’ Discriminative Fees

One of the most significant challenges that the adult industry has been grappling with has been the unfair treatment by payment giants such as MasterCard, Visa, etc. They have been considering the industry as high risk and hence charging users 5-15% service fee on all transactions. Sometimes, the traditional payment platforms even go as far as suspending transactions without any warning or recourse.

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However, this will not be the case for long as from January 31st will launch a fully dedicated Crypto payment gateway that is launching on online shop that sells lubricant and sex toys. This new platform is designed to accept and support Cryptocurrencies such as Binance Coin (BNP), Ethereum (ETH), Intimate (ITM), and Bitcoin (BTC).

The benefits of using Digital Tokens in the adult industry far outweigh the alternative transactions. Firstly, they are cheaper. Secondly, they guarantee anonymity. A lastly, they offer a greater degree of financial discretion.

This Is A “Use Case For Crypto”

According to Reuben Coppa, the CEO and Founder of, Cryptocurrencies have many use cases and this is just one of them. He believes that the adult industry will greatly benefit from the project and many enthusiasts and customers will appreciate the technology in due time.

Reuben appreciated the fact that other adult sites are using Adult-Crypto such as Jizzxoin, Sexcoin, Pinkcoin, etc. He promises users that ITM will be different and will have a longer lifespan.

Meanwhile, PumaPay will be Intimate’s biggest competitor especially since it has partnered with MindGeek-owned by Pornhub. It runs on the Vice Industries Token (VIT) and has been rewarding users for watching porn films. Spankchain Blockchain is also another platform that will have to outcompete.