A Bearish Market Favor Buyers & More

A Bearish Market Favor Buyers

It’s an ideal time to invest in Cryptocurrencies as a bearish momentum is looming in the Crypto market. According to a Coinrevolution analysis in the middle of the week, the top three Tokens prices for BTC, ETH, and XRP pairs have been bearish with the market forces favoring buyers. Although the bulls have taken over again as at the close of the week, the mid-week price fluctuations indicate to buyers the importance of leveraging on price plunges to stock Cryptos. In the meantime, the absence of strong catalysts to trigger a bullish breakout are creating market jitters as price volatility is easing.

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Ripple Partners With Xendpay To Offer Remittance Services

Xendpay money remittance services are set for a major overhaul following the commitment by Ripple to support the platform. According to Coinrevolution, Xendpay offers cross-border money remittance services and XRP is set to be used in the transfer of money from one country to another. As an online service, Xendpay solutions are affordable as the ‘Pay What You Want’ fee model allows users to determine the rates for transactions. The target market is mainly migrant workers working in developed economies such as the EU, Gulf Countries, and North America.

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MouseBelt Initiative Is Enabling Blockchain Education In UC Campuses

Blockchain student associations at the University of California’s Davis, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Campuses are set to benefit from the MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator initiative. MouseBelt is a new value capital firm with a mission to drive DLT education in higher learning institution where a course gap exists. After the latest inclusion of DLT in the program, there are now 65 university student bodies under the initiative in 14 universities. Ashlie Meredith, the university outreach director for MouseBelt is liaising with students to offer them the necessary support.

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