A BCH Backed Version Of Patreon To Be Launched Soon

A few days ago, a team of programmers came together and announced the launch of a ‘Bitreon.cash,’ a system that resembles a popularly known membership app called Patreon. This platform, however, will be different in that it will support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment and block censorship. Although the developers are targeting to raise 100 BCH, they already have 47 BTC which they are planning to use for marketing.

Bitreon.cash To Launch A BCH-Backed Patreon Look-Alike In August

Two developers, Jimmy Birer and Maciej Bowkorski have developed a functional Bitreon.cash to be launched on August 1. Birer is the developer of Cashflow.fm and the React wallet while Bowkorski is a front-end engineer. The complete Bitreone application will be released on September 1. The white paper with details about the app and how it will function and the use BCH is already out.

Patreon And Its Major Challenges

In 2013, Jack Conte and Sam Yam came together and developed Patreon. It is a membership service that gives the users access to business tools, thereby enabling creators to develop and design subscription content services. Since its launch, Patreon has become popular especially among podcasters, Cryptocurrency leaders like Andreas Antonopoulos, actors, and musicians among others.

However, the app has failed to impress all as it is a centralized service. Moreover, the platform supports censorship. To make matters worse, Bitcoin payments are not supported, as one has to file with IRS. For these reasons, the platform has denied a good number of users the opportunity to try their services.

Bitreon To Support Cryptocurrency

Given that Patreon does not support Cryptocurrency payments, Bitreon will emerge as a solution by accepting Crypto payments. The developers noted that the new app will give the content creators and their subscribers the freedom and control they have been missing in the old platform.

The use of Bitcoin cash will help in addressing challenges with the

cash payment method such as chargeback to the benefit of content creators. The Crypto will also come with anonymity and privacy, crucial to the success of the creators. The new platform will, therefore, allow the creators to achieve their highest creative potential. The subscribers will also get a chance to fully enjoy the content of their creators.

The developers said that they are determined to make Bitreone.cash popular among content membership platform enthusiasts. They also hope the new platform will help in enhancing the popularity and usage of Bitcoin cash. They believe Bitreon will allow people from different parts of the world to earn.

Bitreon Comes With Various Benefits

The Bitreon developers have noted that given that the new platform is decentralized, it will come with more benefits over the centralized one. For instance, the Electron Cash plugin will allow people to earn recurring payments. The platform will use Nchain’s new SDK Nakasendo to support its smart contract capability. Registration will be anonymous and payments will be made without sharing personal details.

Recently, the developers launched a campaign that projects to raise 100 BCH ($72,922) to be used for marketing. So far, 47 BCH ($ 34,515) has been raised. The application will be released in August and a review will follow thereafter.