60,000 Bitcoin Enthusiasts Are Participating In A Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt

The International Satoshi’s Treasure hunt has so far attracted 60,000 Bitcoin enthusiasts. Each one of them is aiming to scoop the $1 million worth of Bitcoin Tokens.

The game has been initiated by Bitcoin and other Crypto investors who are targeting to raise interest in BTC not only among the veteran investors but also prospective buyers.

Hunting For Bitcoin’s Private Key

Satoshi’s Treasure is a game that is divided into the scavenger hunt and logic puzzle parts. The logic part requires the Bitcoin enthusiasts participating in the game to think and solve physical and digital puzzles. On the other hand, the scavenger hunt is purely odds-based which gives the game its casino/betting thrill and atmosphere.

The Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt Is Offering Clues

On the treasure hunt’s website, there are clues that are been given to the about 60,000 participants to help each of them to play. The clues include fragments of private keys that can allow the lucky hunter to gain access to the top Bitcoin prize. These clues are being offered periodically to allow all players on the game to spend the maximum time on the game to best understand the dynamics of mining BTC in the real world.

The winner, who can be an individual or a team is needed to use the clues to create the private key. It is critical to note that there are about 400 fragments of the key which make the Satoshi’s Hunt not only complex but also a game that needs endurance.

The thousands of Crypto fans who have signed up on the game’s website are the ones who will only be able to receive real-time notifications about game updates and clues.

Eric Meltzer, one of the co-creators of the game is assuring all participants that not a single person knows about the clues or about the final key and the game is therefore fairly designed and the winner is not predetermined.

These clues can be found in different locations. For instance, the latest one was unearthed in last week’s Magical Crypto Conference in New York. This is why it is important for players to organize themselves into teams spread out across the globe to increase their odds of winning.


The Organization Of The Game Is Top Notch

The Satoshi’s Treasure hunt is progressing smoothly. Following the release of the first clues on April 16, 2019, a lot of teams have been formed to take part in the game besides the many individuals taking part in the game.

To manage the game fairly, the developers have deployed an inbuilt tool called Ordos that will enable teams to credit those who dig out clues to facilitate a fair prize division in the event that a team bags the $1 million prize.

The Game Is Designed To Offer Excitement

Satoshi’s Treasure Website outlines some rules that are meant to ensure that the gameplay tests resolve of anyone willing to do anything for fun both at a personal level and a game-level. For example, participants are expected to “always show respect” to their peers among other simple rules.