5 Amazing Predictions about the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptomoney has been on the market for a few years now and is becoming the sole reference in the field of currency. This is at least one of the incredible predictions for the future. Back to 5 others that are worth the detour.

Cryptos will dethrone all the markets

If these virtual currencies become attractive, including for individuals, then they will challenge the existing business model: no more need for banks, no more cash withdrawal counters, no more intermediaries: everything will be done online. If you take into account the fact that Bitcoin already includes 8 million millionaires… We’ll let you do the math, it’s attractive enough.

Cryptos will be the most stable currency

Surprising as it may seem to neophytes, cryptomoney is certainly a virtual currency, but it is relatively stable. For example, in early 2020, the colossal losses caused by the global pandemic did not affect the stock market prices of cryptomoney. So it becomes a safe haven and rates explode. If it can withstand crises, it can survive anything. Even private individuals are going to get into the cryptos business.

The price of Bitcoin will exceed one million euros per unit

If we believe the news from all the cryptocurrencies sites such as Coin24.fr, especially the Bitcoins site, the price of the latter is going to reach unprecedented highs. While the move to 10,000 euros per unit had caused expectations to explode, others, even more optimistic, think that it could even exceed one million euros. This is what John McAfee defends, in the face of the growth of cryptocurrency in everyday life and in the digital environment.

Blockchain technology will be the reference

Increasingly, both governments and global agencies are thinking about integrating blockchain technology into their systems to facilitate processes and generate a form of financial stability. This is already the case in some European countries, such as Estonia, where the government has set up a blockchain system including all the information of its citizens. In a few years’ time, cryptocurrency systems could become a repository for everyone.

Everyone will use the cryptos, even if they don’t know it

Very popular websites such as Facebook are thinking of developing their own cryptocurrency. In the case of the social network with 2 billion subscribers, it is called Libra and it aims to become a simple currency that will not compete with other cryptocurrencies. But the monopoly of the blue icon network worries some people, including governments: the launch of this virtual currency is still under discussion and its launch has not yet been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, who should give some news about it soon. But in the meantime, all the theories are possible!

Digital technology is becoming a source of possibilities every day, cryptocurrencies is one of them!