June 22, 2018

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This week in crypto regulation: calendar week #24

June 15   Thailand: Thailand approves 5 out of 50 ICO projects. After releasing its new regulatory framework only 10% of all applying ICOs meet the requirements of Thailand’s financial regulatory agency. As of now, only two ICOs concerned are known: Jfin Coin by J Ventures Limited and ZMN tokens by Zmine Holdings. The ICOs are […]

This Week in Crypto Regulation: Week #23

June 2nd Spain: Regulation of cryptocurrencies unclear after no-confidence vote Spain passed legislation regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies on the 30th of May. Just two days later Mariano Rajoy was forced out of office by no-confidence vote after corruption revelations became public, leaving unclear when and how Spain will proceed to regulate cryptocurrencies June 4th […]