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A New Player To Introduce A Next Generation Crypto Mining Machine

The Crypto mining hardware market will get a new player before the end of this year after a Canadian company announced plans to join the lucrative market. Square Mining Ltd. has already raised about $20 million and it will use the funds for designing, developing and testing the new mining machine. The Bitcoin mining ASIC […]

A Crypto Firm Attempts To Acquire A Company Listed On Tokyo Stock Exchange

A Crypto company in Japan has stirred controversy after it emerged that it is trying to acquire a business listed on the country’s stock exchange. If the firm succeeds, we could have a Crypto-based business listed on one of the world’s biggest equities. Furthermore, this will make the token-based project a public company. The stock […]

Turkish Citizens Turn To Cryptocurrencies In The Wake Of American Sanctions

The demand for  Bitcoin in Turkey has risen significantly, leading to an increase in its price against the Lira (Turkey’s currency). Currently, the Cryptocurrency has reached a seven month high against the currency. The relationship between Turkey and its longtime ally, the U.S. has deteriorated and Washington has already slapped the country with economic sanctions. […]

Venezuela To Become The First Country With A Central Bank For Crypto

It has been revealed that the Venezuelan National Assembly is planning to create a central bank of Cryptocurrencies. A member of parliament told Reuters that the house will reform the constitution to allow for the creation of the bank. When the central bank is set up, Venezuela will become the first country to have such […]

Asia Continues To Dominate Cryptocurrency Markets

Asia has the largest Cryptocurrency market in the world according to a study published by LiveCoinWatch that shows that over 75 percent of Crypto transactions are carried out in the region. That’s not all, the released statistics also show that Asian Crypto investors are more informed about the virtual currencies than their Western counterparts. The […]

A Study By Ecobank Establishes Increased Use Of Cryptocurrencies In Africa

A recent study by Ecobank Transnational Inc. on the use of Cryptocurrencies in 36 African countries has found a significant presence of the digital assets in these countries. However, the report by the pan-African bank has found that most countries have are yet to regulate the sector and have instead adopted a wait-and-see policy. Additionally, […]

Thailand Becomes A New Haven For Crypto Traders

The decision by Thailand to put in place regulations for virtual currencies and initial coin offerings has paid off as more companies are applying for licenses to start operating in the country. So far, about 50 ICO projects want to open a business while the number Crypto exchanges applying for the license has reached 20 […]

Philippines To Build Crypto Valley Of Asia

The Philippines government has officially announced plans to build Crypto Valley of Asia (CVA), a facility that resembles Switzerland’s canton of Zug. The government will partner with Northern Star to put up the Cryptocurrency and Fintech hub at the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport. Once complete, the facility will accommodate about 25 Crypto businesses. […]

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Can Revolutionize The Financial Sector

Many people wonder how blockchain and virtual currency can enhance the global finance sector. Unknown to many, the two can create a new financial sector. Last week, Xen Baynham-Herd detailed how the two can revolutionize the financial sector in a blog post. In his work, Baynham-Herd demonstrates how the new financial technology can be used […]

The Travel Sector Slowly Adopting Cryptocurrency Gamification And Rewards System

Cryptocurrencies are still gaining more areas of application, as the travel industry becomes one of the latest sectors to adopt the use of the virtual currencies in its rewards model. In May, WeGoGo announced plans to launch a Crypto-based reward system. KeyoCoin is also introducing a similar program in the Americas. The latest development is […]
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