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Coinbase Partners With Circle To Offer A Stablecoin For It’s Users

According to a tweet from Ran Neuner, a CNBC host of CryptoTrader, Coinbase has over  25 million users. The revelation of the news coincides with reports from Coinbase and Circle have formed a joint venture dubbed as Centre Consortium. The two firms are aiming to boost the interoperability of Fiat money on the internet by […]

Oracle Unveils A Cloud Platform For Blockchain Applications

Users of Blockchain applications can now benefit from Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud that Oracle launched at the recent OpenWorld Annual Conference in San Francisco. The new Cloud computing solution acts as a utility use-case-specific Software-as-a-Service suite that targets businesses, and individuals whose work require data efficiency and real-time reporting. It Is A Cloud That Hosts […]

How To Go About Ethereum Cloud Mining

One important feature of Cryptocurrencies is that they are mined. The process involves verifying transactions in blockchain to create new Crypto assets. A miner must purchase the mining equipment and set them up. Mining tools are power intensive hence the need to have affordable and enough power supply. About Cloud Mining Another way of creating new […]

IOST Blockchain Is The Leader In Scalability, Security, And Decentralization

According to Jimmy Zhong- Co-Founder and the CEO of IOST, IOST is the best Blockchain platform in regards to security, scalability, and decentralization technologies. He was speaking during an interview with BTCManager. IOST Is Different From EOS And Ethereum Ethereum, EOS, and IOST platforms are designed to power Blockchain applications. The different technologies achieve the […]

$2 trillion; The Figure The Crypto Markets Are Projected To Hit In Two Years

A fund manager believes that capitalization in Cryptocurrency markets could hit $2 Trillion in two years. He believes that between now and then, the market will undergo a massive transformation that will see individual Token prices rise significantly in the backdrop of higher volumes of trading, more Token supply, and increasing demand as the world […]

Is Ripple On The Path To Global Recognition?

Ripple and its native XRP coin had a bad start. It was not recognized as a true Cryptocurrency or a Blockchain in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain community as it is a centralized platform that is managed by Ripple Lab. However, the negative perception is changing. Ripple is gaining popularity among high-profile figures and the world’s […]

Expansion Plan? Cobo Vault Unveils A Crypto Wallet With In-Built PoS Mining Rewards

Cobo Vault is a Chinese Blockchain firm that provides Crypto wallet services. Its services are unique as its Crypto wallets have in-built proof-of-stake mining rewards that come with bank-grade security and military grade hardware. Cobo Vault Has A Winning Strategy There is an ever-increasing number of Cryptocurrency wallets that are available for investors. This makes […]

Blockchain M&A To Increase To 145 In 2018

As the end of the year approaches, JPM Group LLC expects that mergers and acquisitions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency firms will increase. Overall, the company’s market research department- JMP Securities and PitchBook – reveals through a publication that the total number will be 145 in 2018. The report also features 2017 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency mergers […]

The Fall Out Of Tether Will Influence The Price Of Bitcoin, In The Short-Run

Stablecoin is referred to a model where a Crypto is tied to the value of other assets. The fact that Tether (USDT) has revised its US Dollar backing downwards from the $1 per Tether Coin is already having an impact on other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This is because the Digital Asset plunged to $0.93 […]

Cardano Foundation Is Being Replaced By IOHK And Emurgo Community Initiative

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK- the team behind Cardano Blockchain technology has promised to unveil a new community management structure over the next two weeks. He revealed this plan in his most recent “Ask Me Anything” session from Toronto Canada. The main reason for developing a new community outreach model is because Cardano Foundation […]
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