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Coinspectator Review

Given that Cryptocurrencies have been around for about a decade, investing in the sector can be tricky, partly because of the availability of little information. Coinspectator is one of the most important tools that you need when you want to try it out in this lucrative sector. The first days in the Crypto sector for […]

Horizen Has A Security Solution For Hash-Based Blockchain Platforms

Horizen (previously known as ZenCash) has developed a solution to enhance cybersecurity in Blockchain platforms. The events leading to the discovery were constant security breaches that led Horizen to suffer 51% attacks on its tokens. The new security model will be known as “Proposal to Modify Satoshi Consensus To Enhance Protection Against 51% Attacks – […]

IBM Uses Blockchain To Bring Transparency To The Food Industry

IBM Food Trust has unveiled a Blockchain platform for the food industry. The tech giant hopes to bring transparency to the food chain and enhance foods safety measures. The primary service of the network will be to monitor the food chain to transform the tracking in the supply chain. The launching of the network comes […]

The Future Of Gaming In Blockchain Is With TRON

The TRON Foundation is working to bring games to the world of Blockchain. They are aiming to ensure that gaming enthusiasts are served by Blockchain technology solutions in a similar way to the case of other fields such as banking, insurance, music, real estate, etc. The company is in partnership with BitGuild and has already […]

The Current Plunge Of Crypto Markets Indicate A Tie To Stock Markets

Crypto markets had a rough day in Wednesday having shed of more than $4 billion dollars in less than 1 hour. The direct cause of this plunge is attributed to the US stocks markets rout that is affecting global stock markets. This is a clear indication that Crypto markets are connected to conventional markets more […]

UTRUST API Is Pioneering The Acceptance Of Cryptos In Online Payments

The UTRUST API is at the forefront of providing Cryptocurrency-based payment solutions for online transactions. The main aim of the Blockchain platform is to provide a point-of-sale Crypto acceptance that retailers need to accept Cryptos as payment for goods and services. In the same note, the platform serves to ensure that Cryptocurrencies holders are able […]

Uranus Is Applying Blockchain Technology In The Computer-Sharing Realm

Blockchain technology has been incorporated into different fields and industries such as gaming, e-commerce, banking, insurance, education, healthcare research, financial services, etc. As the world was starting to think that the possibilities of Blockchain technology have been explored to the fullest, it seems that much is yet to be discovered. The latest industry to benefit […]

Binance To Donate All Listing Fees To Charity

Binance has announced that it will be making its listing fees public and as of 8th October, all the listing fees will be going to charity. A Clarification On Listing Fees Rumors Binance which currently stands as the largest crypto exchange in the world by trading volume is sure to receive much attention on account […]

Blockchain-Based Service Industry To Generate $7 Billion In Revenue

The adoption of Blockchain technology will be a multi-billion-dollar business in the coming years. This is according to a research finding from the Bank of America’s Kash Rangan. Kash is an Analyst specialized in researching about industries that utilize Blockchain platforms. Blockchain Service Is Offered By A Variety Of Established Companies The aggregate growth will […]

Bitfinex Refutes Insolvency Claims

Bitfinex, a Crypto exchange based in Hong Kong, has denied claims making rounds within the Crypto community that it is currently insolvent. It has refuted these claims by disclosing wallet addresses which seem to show that the Crypto exchange has Crypto assets amounting to more than 1.5 billion dollars. Proof Of Solvency The firm stated […]
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