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Roundup – 26/10/2018 – Chinese Court Classifies Crypto as Economic Property & more

Chinese court rules owning and transacting cryptocurrencies is legally protected The Shenzhen Court, an arbitration court in China decided that transacting and owning cryptocurrencies is protected by law. The court ruled (Chinese)  that cryptocurrencies have the legal status of economic property. Therefore, the government cannot rule to forbid the trade of cryptocurrencies. However, the People’s Bank […]

Roundup 10/10/2018 – Chinese interest to attack Bitcoin? Twitch stream: 51%-Attack on Einsteinium & more

Researchers warn of Chinese interest to attack Bitcoin According to three blockchain researchers, China has a strong interest and the power to conduct attacks on Bitcoin. In their paper, they show how the functionality of Bitcoin links to China’s domestic policy. According to them, China has a strong interest in manipulating Bitcoin. As large parts […]

Jack Ma On Blockchain And Manufacturing Industry

During the World AI Conference 2018, the co-founder of Alibaba who is also its chairman said that Blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things) are all of no use if they do not target the manufacturing industry. The e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba has been valued at $414 billion. Why The Manufacturing Industry In his […]

Australian Blockchain Delegation In China

A small number of Australian Blockchain startups have been in Shanghai since the beginning of the week. This visit has been the efforts of both the Australian and Chinese governments to strengthen their relationship in the Blockchain industry. Delegation Visits Ant Financial Headquarters A delegation comprised of some of the nation’s domestic Blockchain start-ups was […]

Roundup: 27/08/2018 – Rogue States: differing Stances on Crypto

Iran’s cryptocurrency ban might end in September The financial authorities of Iran will revisit the country’s blanket ban on trading cryptocurrencies. Sanctions by the US and other countries have hit the country hard. The Iranian Rial is devaluing strongly and has a high volatility. Cryptocurrencies could be a way for Iran to circumvent the sanctions […]

Roundup 23/08/2018 – Ripple more decentralized than Bitcoin & more

The SEC rejected 9 more Bitcoin ETFs Direxion, Proshares, and GraniteShares filed altogether nine Bitcoin ETF applications recently. But today the SEC rejected all nine applications today. The comission treated each case individually. However, the main argument was as in all other ETF rejections that consumers need to be protected from fraudulent and manipulative schemes. […]

Bitcoin Falls In The China Crypto Rankings

China has revised the ranking of Cryptocurrency projects and introduced two new Crypto projects. In the list of 30 Crypto projects, EOS has replaced Ethereum in the top position with Bitcoin falling from 13th position in the first rank to 17th. China Increases Crypto Projects Ranks To 30 China’s Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) […]

More Opportunities With the Blockchain Technology

According to a senior financial auditor in the Chinese government, Blockchain can be used to create more opportunities for storage of live data. Using Blockchain to Solve the Stalemate in the Industry On Tuesday 24th April 2018, the People’s Republic of China, through its National Audit Office published an article that gave a detailed explanation […]