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Horizen Has A Security Solution For Hash-Based Blockchain Platforms

Horizen (previously known as ZenCash) has developed a solution to enhance cybersecurity in Blockchain platforms. The events leading to the discovery were constant security breaches that led Horizen to suffer 51% attacks on its tokens. The new security model will be known as “Proposal to Modify Satoshi Consensus To Enhance Protection Against 51% Attacks – […]

IBM Uses Blockchain To Bring Transparency To The Food Industry

IBM Food Trust has unveiled a Blockchain platform for the food industry. The tech giant hopes to bring transparency to the food chain and enhance foods safety measures. The primary service of the network will be to monitor the food chain to transform the tracking in the supply chain. The launching of the network comes […]

Malta’s Prime Minister Praises Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Technology In His UN Speech

Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta has challenged other countries to embrace altcoins and blockchain technology. Speaking at the United Nation’s General Assembly, Muscat said that the innovation could help in enhancing efficiency. Recently, tech companies such as Google have been reviewing their policy to un-ban Cryptocurrency products. Blockchain To Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption Malta’s […]

Blockchain Firms To Lobby The Government For Favorable Policies

A group called Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition (SAIVC) has announced that it will be paying lobbyists to lobby for Cryptos in the US Capitol Hill in Washington DC. These advocators will be rallying and advocating for the interests of Cryptocurrencies to the government. They will be the voice of Digital Assets developers, Investors, […]

Crypto Trading Might Increase By 50% In 2019

A research by Statis Group projects that Crypto markets will have a 50% increase in trading activity by 2019. In other words, Crypto enthusiasts are projected to increase. Additionally, current investors are expected to increase their trading activities. The Bearish Trends Of 2018 Will Not Have A Negative Impact The From the beginning of 2018, […]

75+ Banks Adopt The JPMorgan Banking Blockchain

As it continues its growth pattern towards being the global banking leader, JPMorgan Bank has rolled out its Interbank Information Network (IIN) to more than 75 banks. The IIN is a live Blockchain service that connects multinational banks to facilitate cheaper and timely inter-bank payment solutions. JPMorgan Bank IIN Is Relatively New In October 2017, […]

Jack Ma On Blockchain And Manufacturing Industry

During the World AI Conference 2018, the co-founder of Alibaba who is also its chairman said that Blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things) are all of no use if they do not target the manufacturing industry. The e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba has been valued at $414 billion. Why The Manufacturing Industry In his […]

New Finance Minister in Zimbabwe Encourages Citizens to Invest More in Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum World News, takes note of the fact that Zimbabwe has a new finance minister and looking at his background and experience, he is committed and determined to change the tide and ensure that the country’s economy becomes stable again. During a recent interview, the minister categorically stated that he believes that cryptocurrency will help […]

BlockChain Campaign To Facilitate Political Funding

American politicians have every reason to smile after the launch of a website that will support Cryptocurrency contributions. BlockChain Campaign is the new tool that those seeking elective positions can use to raise campaign funds from around the world. The use of smart contracts will ensure the entire funding process remains transparent and compliant with […]

Tracking Bitcoin From The 2008 Financial Crush

The reports from the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. that the company was bankrupt was the beginning of a new era of banking skepticism. Many people lost faith in the mainstream financial institutions as it became clear that they were not safe custodians of people’s hard-earned assets. Efforts started being directed to independent solutions to assets […]
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