SOUNDEON – Blockchain Music Platform That Changes Everything


SOUNDEON is a project that will use blockchain technology to disrupt the music industry by enhancing independence, trust, transparency, and fairness for the benefit of the artists and their fans. The company will develop a trustless and transparent system for the management of music rights and ticketing.



Token symbol: SOUNDEON
Type: ERC20
Exchange rate: 1 Soundeon token = $0.056923
Pre-sale date: June 27 – September 29
Crowd sale date: September 30 – October 30
Total tokens available: 1B Soundeon tokens
Soft cap: 52.7M Soundeon tokens
Hard cap: 650M Soundeon tokens
Acceptable currencies: BCH, LTC, BTC, ETH

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Music Industry Today

If there is one sector that has felt the impact of the internet is the music industry. In 2016, streaming recorded a 60.4 percent increase in revenue and contributed half of the total revenue recorded in the music sector worldwide. Unfortunately, the artists do not experience the same success as that recorded by most streaming companies such as iTunes and Spotify.

Although touring and events remain an important source of income for many artists, the ticketing process ends up exploiting both the artists and the fans. To boost the attendance of events, organizers set a face value of tickets that is lower than what fans are willing to pay. The scalpers or ticket touts notice this mismatch and apply bots to stop the supply of the tickets and take over from event organizers and inflate the prices.


How Soundeon Will Disrupt The Music Industry

Soundeon is determined to address major challenges faced by the artists, especially in digital media and ticketing. The platform will enable the artists to regain control over their work and be in a better position to monetize their talent and enhance their connection with their fans.

Soundeon will use various tools to eliminate the inefficiencies and malpractices that adversely affect the artists and their fans, both online and offline. Some of the features that will be used to address these challenges are:

Music Token Sale

This tool will enable the artists to introduce token sales. They will then use the funds raised from the Soundeon community to finance their projects.

Soundeon Exchange

This tool will allow people to purchase or sell their royalty income. This tokenization tool will also enable the users to develop personal music royalty investment.

Soundeon Tix

This tool will ensure that the artists don’t lose money during ticketing. This smart ticketing platform will use dynamic QR codes to address ticket scalping and fraud. The tool will also enable the organizers to be in full control of the ticket sale.

Soundeon Monitor

This feature will allow the artists to register copyright for their work. The tool will also enable them to access their royalties. All musician’s data such as their output will be analyzed by this tool. The fans will be turning to this tool for any information about their musicians and make informed decisions when buying other music assets.

Soundeon on Social Media

You can learn more about Soundeon by following them on Twitter. They regular tweet important updates about the project. The company has a Facebook page where it interacts with prospective users and investors. You can also reach the firm’s sales agents on their Telegram group for any information that you may need.


ETH Address: 0xF367962aAD0b3971A29e1921286F9af3416B7D47

Soundeon Review

Soundeon is expected to revolutionize the music industry and bring enormous benefits to both the artists and their fans. Given the many benefits the project will yield, there are high chances that the project will attract many users once launched.
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