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XRP Might Surge To $20 In 2019, Here Is The Analysis

A fundamental analysis of Ripple’s Token, XRP, reveals that the Cryptocurrency may gain up to $20 in 2019 from the current $0.4. This prediction is supported by events of 2018. It is important to state that the price prediction is fair given the huge potential that Ripple Blockchain possesses. Catalysts For The Forecast Growth There […]

Turkish Cybercrime Department Arrest 11 for Hacking Crypto Wallets

Turkish Cybercrime Department has arrested 11 suspects in connection to hacking of crypto wallets. Cryptocurrency investors whose digital wallets were hacked lost more than $80,000 as reported by one of the major Turkish newspapers. In the news article, 14 cryptocurrency investors reported to the police that their cryptocurrency wallets had been hacked and their Bitcoin […]

World Bank President Believes That Blockchain Has “Huge Potential”

Organizations can adopt Blockchain technology to realize their growth potential and business goals. This is according to Jim Yong Kim who is the President of the World Bank. He believes that Blockchain technology has a “huge potential” that is yet to be tapped by the world. Kim added that DLT could help the organizations to […]

Zach Abrams: Cryptocurrencies’ Rise Is Different From That Of The Internet

Many people have compared the emergence and progression of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology to that of the internet in the 1990s and in the early 21st century. However, Zach Abrams, the CEO of Coinbase, has a different take on the matter. He believes that the two inventions are different in not only the context but […]

Brazil Cryptocurrency Industry Wins! Court Orders Reopening of Exchange Bank Accounts

Brazil cryptocurrency industry wins two separate court cases where two banks were accused of freezing bank account of a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in the country Bitcoin Max. The two banks Banco Santander and Banco do Brasil suspended the bank account last year on September. Major Brazil Cryptocurrency Industry Win The Federal Courts of Brazil […]

ConFEAS 2018 Advocates For The Adoption Of Blockchain Technology

The Chairman of the Federation of Asian and European Stock Exchange (ConFEAS) who is also the Director-General of Muscat Securities Market, Ahmed Saleh Al Marhoon, is calling for the application of Blockchain technology in stock markets. He adds that the application will have a far-reaching effect in attracting new investors in the market. This is […]

Study: Power Plants Built On Blockchain Technology May Be A Reality With GE Power

GE Power is planning to build virtual power plants that are powered by Blockchain technology. The company is currently investigating a strategy that will incorporate DLT to the GE Predix platform that delivers power that has been generated from virtual power plants. This may be the technology discovery of the century and may revolutionize the […]

Singapore Token Day Launched to Increase Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

The 10th year cryptocurrency anniversary was celebrated yesterday, 31st October 2018. On the same day, Singapore Token Day was launched in a bid to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the country. This is a national campaign and not just a one-day event that is scheduled to run from October 31st to […]

Bank of America Secures A Patent For Cryptographic Keys Storage Device

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the Bank of America (BoA) a patent for a Cryptographic keys storage device. The device has been described as a “hardened storage device” that is deemed to be at par with what Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin offer. There are possibilities that the new technology […]

GIES Believes That Blockchain Technology Will Boost Islamic Finance Sector Worldwide

The Global Islamic Economic Summit (GIES) for the year 2018 was convened in Dubai, UAE. Experts at the summit are positive that Blockchain technology enables the Islamic Finance Sector to grow tremendously in companies that have adopted DLT. In particular, the delegates singled out Islamic Banking as the subsector likely to benefit the most. Additionally, […]
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