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Iran Set to Launch State-Based Cryptocurrency to Dodge U.S Sanctions

U.S recently imposed sanctions on Iran and this caused an uproar both online and offline. Most people feel that the sanctions are too harsh and unjustified but the U.S government believes that the sanctions will coerce Iran to abide by the set international rules and regulations. The government has moved with speed to announce that […]

A Study Establishes Increasing Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies Among The Millennials

A recent study by Deidre Campbell has established that the number of millennials using the Cryptocurrencies is growing every day. The findings of this research by the Global Chair of Financial Services at Edelman, show that the virtual currencies the preferable long-term investments among the young population. The altcoins are also becoming popular in underbanked […]

Number of Cryptocurrency ATMS Spikes to More than 4,000 Worldwide

The cryptocurrency market went crazy when the first cryptocurrency ATM was launched. Since then, the number of cryptocurrency ATMs have being increasing at a high rate thanks to growth of the market and adopt of Bitcoin worldwide. More Than 4,000 Cryptocurrency ATMs in the World A recent report cited by Bitcoin News indicates that there […]

Bekryl Research: Global Crypto Markets To Grow By 43.7% On The CAGR Scale

Cryptocurrency markets are projected to surge by 43.7% on the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) scale according to a research by Bekryl. The main causal factor for the positive trend is the increasing rate of evolution and sophistication of Blockchain technology. As DLT evolves, platforms with native Cryptocurrencies become more safe and secure. This and […]

Blockchain Technology Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The Banking Industry

All over the world, banks are adopting or testing Blockchain-based systems. Banking experts believe that these institutions are leveraging on the many proven benefits of DLT that are already transforming other industries such as gaming, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, just to mention but a few. The Trend Started In 2008 The financial crisis of 2008 […]

Founder of EtherDelta Exchange Scrutinized by SEC

Securities and Exchange Commission is keen on advising people interested in cryptocurrencies to watch out for the tell-tale signs to avoid losing their hard earned money. In the last couple of months, SEC has been constantly warning people about the risks associated with digital currencies and scrutinized founder of EtherDelta exchange. Even though the regulator […]

Study: Blockchain Platforms Can Adhere To The New GDPR Rules

The European Union unveiled the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018. This is a set of rules that compels all companies that deal with personal data of any residents of Europe and the United Kingdom to adhere to certain regulations such as data security, privacy measures, and declaration by a company or […]

Bitcoin Investors To Be Given A Tax Cut In France

Based on a recent report published on a French news site, Assemblée Nationale, which is the lower house of parliament in France is committed to introducing a tax cut for Bitcoin investors. It has backed an earlier proposal from its finance commission that would bring the taxes associated with Bitcoin gains in line with taxes […]

Ethereum (ETH) Is Projected To Break Into Bull Run

Ethereum (ETH) is about to enter a new market cycle towards a steady recovery. This is positive news to ETH investors who have been grappling with cycles of depressed bulls runs and long bear runs that have had an overall negative impact on the performance of this Token in 2018. Analysis of recent data indicates […]

eToro Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android and IOS Users Launched

eToro, a renowned social trading platform, has launched a cryptocurrency wallet for both android and IOS users. The roll out began yesterday, 8th November 2018 and already thousands of users have started using the wallet. eToro cryptocurrency wallet stands out from the rest by providing advanced security features and user-friendly interface. The wallet is available […]
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