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Daily Roundup 17th July 2018 – Return of the bull, Bitmain in Silicon Valley, Iran’s Crypto Move & more

Green candles everywhere! Bitcoin is strongly above the $7000 USD-Level. The market is close to breaching $300 billion USD in total market capitalization. Bitcoin tested the resistance at around $6000 USD now three times in 6 months. To be above this resistance level now for the third time is a strong bullish signal. Chinese Mining […]

Iran To Turn To Cryptocurrencies In The Wake Of US Sanctions

A high-ranking Iranian parliamentarian has said that the country may consider using Cryptocurrencies in an effort to evade the upcoming American sanctions. The lawmaker has added that the issue is to be discussed by the country’s parliament soon. The MP noted that he is optimistic that the digital currency can help in overcoming the US […]

A UK Mosque Receives More Cryptocurrencies Than Fiat In Donations

Cryptocurrencies have continued to experience high acceptability as a British mosque reported that it received more donations in the virtual currencies than fiat money. The decision to allow the use of Cryptocurrencies during the donation allowed the London mosque to collect funds from outside sources. The mosque revealed that there was one crypto transaction of […]

Manna Project establishes Political Affiliation and breaks Crypto Statutes

The Manna project is a universal basic income (UBI) project based on its own cryptocurrency. With its newest board advisor, Andrew Yang, Manna is seeking to boost its awareness beyond the crypto space. Yang runs for the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party in the USA for 2020. But Manna’s new political affiliation proves how […]

Today in Crypto: 16th July 2018

Chilean Court backs Orionx as it declares banks closing of accounts illegal The Fourth Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago ruled that the Banco Estado has to reopen OrionX’s bank accounts. The state-owned Bank acted on its own authority and a mix of interests seems to be the reason why the Bank tries […]

New Registry for Whitelisted Cryptocurrency Businesses in Russia

A new record of whitelisted firms that provide Crypto-related products and services been developed by the Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACIB). In addition, the much-awaited bill to monitor the virtual currencies in the country has been deferred until the development of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) policies. Whitelisted Cryptocurrency […]

How To Select The Right Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrencies have become popular in recent years and so is the number of people who buy and sell them on daily basis. Although some of the transactions are done off-line, most of them take place through the online Crypto exchanges. The exchanges facilitate different transactions worth millions of dollars every day. Whenever a person decides […]

This Week in Crypto #28/18

South Korea’s exchanges make progress in self-regulatory South Korean  Crypto exchanges conduct self-regulatory measurements. But so far, only 14 out of 23 exchanges took part in the exercise. 12 out of the 14 participants met the self-regulatory standards. Despite actual security flaws, many critics are forced to question the effectiveness of the inspection. eToro wants to set […]

12 Out of 14 Korean Crypto Exchanges Pass KBA-Led Inspection

Although the self-regulatory assessment of South Korean Crypto exchanges has been accomplished, only 14 out of 23 exchanges took part in the exercise. 12 out of the 14 participants met the self-regulatory standards. This is in spite of security flaws, forcing many to question the effectiveness of the inspection. KBA Says 12 Exchanges Are Ok […] Launches Crypto-Supported Visa Card

Hong Kong-based, previously known as Monaco has officially announced the launch of its Cryptocurrency supported MCO visa card. The company purchased the domain name a few days ago for an undisclosed amount of money. The announcement of the new card was made at TechCrunch. MCO Visa Finally Out has launched its new Crypto-supported […]
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